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Three Things New Product Development Teams Need to Know About Partnering with a Plastic Injection Molding Company

Some companies have veteran product design companies that have been in the industry for decades, while other newer brands are in the process of assembling design teams for the first time, and in some cases these design teams may be new to your industry, and to plastic injection molding. This article is written for them–it is intended to educate readers enough so they know how to partner with the best plastic injection molding company, while learning all about the main consideration points.

1. Why Should Organizations Invest with a Plastic Injection Molding Company?

Before any other considerations can be tossed around the table, it is first critical to understand why working with a plastic injection molding company is beneficial. The principal advantage of plastic injection molding is to give companies the ability to scale production en masse. After the upfront investment has been paid the cost per unit throughout the plastic injection molding manufacturing process is very low. In fact, the cost almost always drops dramatically as more parts are produced.

It is also beneficial to partner with a plastic injection molding company because the service produces very low scrap rates compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as CNC machining in which considerable pieces are cut away on a sheet of material. 3D printing has even lower scrap rates, but if that isn’t an option, plastic injection molding is often the service organizations tend to invest in. Any waste from plastic injection molding tends to come from four specific areas:

  • The runners
  • The sprue
  • Gate locations
  • Anything that might leak from the part cavity (a condition called “flash”)

But all in all, plastic injection molding has a very low scrap rate which is cost-saving and advantageous.

Another reason why plastic injection molding services are highly sought after by companies in multiple industries is that the molding type is very repeatable. In other words, the second part that’s produced is going to be virtually identical to the first one, and onwards. When brand consistency is a focal point, plastic injection molding is likely the best option because it is capable of high volume production, creating identical parts with consistency.

2. What Considerations Should be Made when Brands Consider Plastic Injection Molding Companies?

Before your brand decides to partner with a plastic injection molding company, there are a few considerations your team should toss around at the table, aside from understanding the plastic injection molding process, which will be explained in detail when you consult with your provider.

The financial considerations are important to grasp. First you have the entry cost. Usually, preparing a product for plastic injection molding manufacturing requires a larger upfront cost. Be sure to understand what this would look like up front, and how that cost will go down as more products are manufactured.

Production quantity is another thing to consider. You and your team will need to figure out the number of parts that will be produced, and this factors into making the investment more cost-effective. Also, determine how many parts need to be produced for you to break even on your investment. Be sure to take into account the cost of assembly, design, testing, production, distribution, marketing and the anticipated product price point for the purpose of sales. You and your team should construct a conservative margin at this point.

You will also need to think about design considerations. This will include part and tool design. Plastic injection molding should be used to design the part right out of the gate. Keep in mind that minimizing part numbers in the early stages will pay off down the road, as will simplifying the product geometry. As for tool design, you will want to create the mold tool to avoid production defects. You can run simulations using moldflow software provided by the plastic injection molding company you partner with, and you should also consider gate locations.

Production considerations are also important to understand. You will want to talk to your potential plastic injection molding company about minimizing cycle time, as making even the tiniest changes can play pivotal roles and shredding a few seconds from the cycle time can garner big savings.

Finally, consider assembly. When parts are designed, minimizing assembly is ideal. When you can design assembly outside of the process, you can save a great degree of money on labor costs.

3. Know Your Potential Team, their Roles, and How the Plastic Injection Molding Company Will Support Your Staff


Various organizations seek a plastic injection molding company with different goals when it comes to collaboration. While some brands have firm specifications on design and other factors, others may have partial or no considerations and are looking for a plastic injection molding company to take their concept and see it through from design to production. It is critical that the plastic injection molding company has a good team that communicates clearly, and in a timely manner. It is also important to have a firm understanding of what hats people are wearing, what their job is, and how it plays into the overall project, and how their responsibilities support your team. Usually there is a single project manager that meets with your team, and this person is in charge of overseeing the entire process while working with your staff to make any necessary changes or adjust any deliverables. They will also be running meetings to provide your team with ongoing updates and progress reports.

Laszeray is the Leading Plastic Injection Molding Company for Multiple Industries

For decades Laszeray has been improving the plastic injection molding process. From product design to aerospace, and from medical devices to oil and gas production parts, we have designed some of the most comprehensive plastic parts across a wide range of markets. Call today and learn how we can take your business to the next level.

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