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Aerospace castings, or aerospace precision investment casting, permanent mold casting, and shell mold casting services by Laszeray cater to multiple mission-critical accouterments for hydraulic systems, fuel systems, landing systems, environment-control components, the engine, and APU applications. Laszeray is known as one of the best aerospace casting manufacturer in the US because we have decades of experience in providing top precision casting (or lost-wax casting) with our on-site team of the most talented engineers that execute everything in house, including tool design, tool manufacturing, heat treatment laboratory testing, surface treatments, and flawless logistics to ensure all deliveries are on time.

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As you know, precision casting or lost-wax casting has been regarded as the most valuable method for manufacturing a broad range of parts for the aerospace industry at high tolerances, in a wide variety of sizes. Laszeray Technology is an industry leader in investment castings for aerospace applications, and we can manufacture any part at any weight or size.

What is Precision Casting?

If you are a veteran in the industry, then you are likely very educated when it comes to precision casting, but because this is a growing industry, we would like to define exactly what precision casting is for those new to their role.

Precision casting nods to the general terminology for the process of creating precision-sized castings. Often compared to the traditional method of sand casting, precision casting has greater accuracy in dimensions with an improved surface finish. Precision casting is also preferred for its near-net shapes and advanced process, and it can be used for orders with lower quantities. Precision casting also includes:

  • Ceramic casting
  • Investment casting
  • Lost foam casting
  • Metal casting
  • Lost wax casting

Lost wax casting is commonly used for manufacturing both non-ferrous and ferrous metal casting, making it a popular option for aerospace organizations.

How is the Investment Casting Mold Made?

The casting investment mold is made by selecting the correct investment materials (like paraffin), and then the refractory coating process is repeated on the investment mold, and dried. Then the internal melting mold gets melted away to create the desired cavity. After the baked shell has proven to have the right level of strength, any residual investment materials are burned away and the necessary metal is poured into the mold where it is then solidified, cooled, shelled, and cleaned. This will enable a high precision finalized product for the aerospace project.

What Types of Metals can Be Used in Precision Casting Manufacturing?

Considering the most popular design and material choice for precision casting, these castings offer manufacturers a wide range of freedom, as many types of steel or alloy steel can be used.

About Investment Casting for the Aerospace Industry

Laszeray can create high-precision investment castings that take full advantage of the flexibility and production speed that this industrial process offers. Investment casting allows for the production of a very broad range of aerospace parts, from tiny sensors to heavy blades, and from an array of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, to many other components. It is also a highly cost-effective process, as it dispenses with the need for expensive equipment and lengthy lead times.

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The casting process involves creating a mold and then pouring molten metal inside it. After the metal solidifies, the mold is removed, leaving behind a precisely rendered final product. Because molten metal can assume any shape, the process can produce parts and components of practically any degree of complexity.

What Types of Aerospace Parts are Made by Laszeray Using Investment Casting?

As one of the leading aerospace casting companies in the U.S., and known as the best aerospace casting manufacturer in America, Laszeray produces a wide spectrum of parts and components for this industry, including but not limited to the following:

  • Interior aircraft components
  • Landing and braking components
  • Hydraulic fluid system components
  • Exterior and interior sensors
  • Ball bearing cages
  • Cargo systems
  • Flight safety critical parts

Laszeray is skilled in manufacturing parts out of many types of metals and alloys for the aerospace industry, and we are standing by to speak about your latest project.

Why Choose Laszeray to be Your Aerospace Castings Manufacturer?

Laszeray stands head and shoulders above other aerospace castings manufacturers. Since 1994, we have developed numerous high-quality investment castings for aerospace applications. At the present time, we produce our parts and accessories in our 62,000-square-feet, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility in Ohio.

Since all our staff and equipment are located in-house, we can provide careful oversight of your project at every stage, ensuring compliance with industry standards as well as your precise specifications. From prototypes to large runs of field-ready products, we can accommodate your production demands in a speedy, cost-effective way.

Call Laszeray for the Best Aerospace Castings Manufacturer Partnership Today

For more than a decade Laszeray has provided clients in the aerospace industry with the highest-quality, cost-effective solutions for their project needs and requirements. Please contact us if you need more information about our investment casting process for the aerospace industry.

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