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Consumer Products Contract Manufacturing

Laszeray has a national reputation as being the best manufacturer of various finished consumer products spanning a wide range of industries. Known as the company offering the best consumer products contract manufacturing in the US, Laszeray specializes in plastic injection molding and tooling for consumer products, as well as several other manufacturing processes.

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What is the Best Products Contract Manufacturing?

The best consumer products manufacturing consists of producing consumer products, also known as final goods, that are purchased for household or individual use, and manufactured using the right process to save organizations money, improve the user experience, and get the product to market quickly. From the perspective of marketing, there are four primary types of consumer products, and Laszeray has more than a decade of experience offering the best consumer products contract manufacturing for each: shopping products, convenience products, unsought products, and specialty products. Utilizing our plastic injection molding and tooling manufacturing processes, Laszeray has a national reputation for working with clients through the design and modification process, all the way to every stage of the manufacturing and finishing stages.

Consumer Products Manufacturing Solutions Offered by Laszeray

Laszeray offers a broad spectrum of capabilities to meet our clients’ needs. These include manufacturing solutions such as:

  • Custom Injection Molding – Plastic parts can be produced across a range of sizes and complexities, with unit volumes into the millions. More than 250 different materials can be processed by our equipment. Our versatility is made possible by insert molding, robotic handling, automated part trimming, and over molding systems.
  • CNC Production Machining – Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, enables us to produce high-quality parts using mills, lathes, routers, grinders, and other types of equipment. With our CNC machining capabilities, we can produce metal or plastic parts with a high degree of flexibility. This enables us to meet consumer-grade rapid prototyping and full manufacturing requirements.
  • Finishing Operations – Also known as finishing manufacturing, this takes place at the end of the manufacturing process once a part has been fully formed and all secondary processes have been concluded.

In some cases, organizations will have dedicated internal design teams that already know what type of consumer products manufacturing they need for their project. In other instances, they rely on Laszeray to both guide them through the various options while having an advanced understanding of the product, market, and target users, and to execute through every stage of the manufacturing process. From choosing the right material for plastic injection molding or assigning the right equipment for the CNC production machining process, Laszeray will ensure that the right approach is used for every project we partner with.

What are Some of the Most Common Consumer Products Manufacturing Products Produced by Laszeray?

As a leading consumer product contract manufacturer, Laszeray has a rich history of creating the best high-demand products such as:

  • Plastic Caps and Closures – Plastic caps and closures come in numerous shapes and sizes to match many types of containers. They must serve functions that range from product safety to spill prevention, to controlled dispersion of contents. We produce continuous thread closures (which twist loose), child resistant caps for pharmaceutical products, flip top closures, and disc top caps.
  • Food Grade Storage – Lazseray produces food and storage packaging that meets U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Our plastic resins are food grade, so are suited for processing or storing food products, and food safe, meaning they won’t taint food they meet. We produce water storage bottles, salad dressing containers, plastic cups/bottles, tupperware, plastic tubes, and cosmetic containers.
  • Medical Device Pieces – Laszeray can manufacture small parts for a wide range of medical equipment ranging from cardiac devices to parts used for urgent care, and from AED components to pieces used in a wide range of dental products.
  • Military and Defense – From parts manufacturing for communication systems, to custom parts for military PPE and aerospace devices, Laszeray is a leader in consumer product manufacturing for military and defense items that also include several accouterments of arms and ordnance, as well as custom parts for functional systems.

Laszeray’s ability to deliver consumer product contract manufacturing projects also extends far beyond the previous four markets; we have taken on rapid prototyping projects in which custom plastic parts needed to be made for toys, elements for shoes and apparel, pieces for board games, automotive pieces, and household goods.

Why Laszeray is the Best Consumer Products Contract Manufacturing Provider

Laszeray Technologies is considered the best consumer products contract manufacturing provider because we can meet virtually any need. When you need help with consumer product manufacturing and packaged goods, Laszeray Technology, LLC can meet a wide range of demands spanning from design upgrades, finishing manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and a wide range of manufacturing methods used in developing consumer products within budget, in a speedy manner with total accuracy. We help bring many types of consumer products to market with a focus on precision, fast turnaround, and quality control. Other services we specialize in, performed in house, that we can help your business include:

  • Primary and secondary packaging, with custom artwork
  • Electro-mechanical components
  • Metal, plastic, and other parts of furniture
  • Cutting and sewing parts and equipment
  • Babies and children’s toys
  • Consumer healthcare products

In addition to our core competencies in manufacturing, Laszeray helps your business design suitable packaging and prototype ideas. Trimming, pad printing, and labeling services are available. We can also provide surface finishing, such as polishing, laser engraving, and powder coating.

When you partner with Laszeray, you benefit from every step of the process, from start to finish, all in house, and under the expert care of specialty teams based in the USA.

Contact Laszeray for the Best Consumer Products Contract Manufacturing Today!

As a consumer product manufacturer, Laszeray can handle all your production needs. We offer a full range of in-house capabilities, which include custom injection plastic molding, and we help choose the best consumer CNC machine for your project. Maximize your profitability by teaming with our consumer products contract manufacturing team and experience a perfected process that is less costly, utilizes less labor and that will get your product to market before your competition. Call 440-582-8430 for a consultation with our innovating team!

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