Investment Casting Tooling

Investment Casting Tooling

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Tooling is an essential part of the manufacturing process. While tooling in metalcasting and CNC machine tooling falls into place with reusable components specific to each individual job, investment casting tooling uses wax-injection dies that create wax patterns. The basis for the investment casting process relies on the wax patterns. There are a number of reasons why organizations partner with a company specializing in investment casting tooling for manufacturing. For example, investment casting tooling uses ceramic molds that produce a much smoother finish generally averaging around a 125 RA surface finish. The production process is also faster than other options, is highly affordable, size ranges are broad, there is a wide material variety, and tighter tolerances.

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Why Choose Investment Casting Tooling?

For the last 5,000 years, manufacturers and craftsmen have been using investment casting tooling thus proving it is a reliable, highly regarded process. This manufacturing process offers a plethora of benefits making it ideal for multiple industries and applications. Following are the top eight advantages of investment casting tooling by Laszeray Technologies:

Range of Alloys – Investment casting tooling allows manufacturers to use hundreds of different alloys to meet specific needs and achieve cost-effectiveness. In addition, the near-net-shape process significantly minimizes the need for finishing thus making it more practical to use harder alloys when such an option is beneficial.

Surface Finish Quality – When parts come out of their molds, the surface quality is exceptional and usually stands within the 125 RMS range.

Design Flexibility – Investment casting tooling, utilizing a vast selection of alloys, can accommodate virtually any design feature.

Lower Production Costs – Investment casting tooling offers tools with longer lives than other processes, and is less expensive than other options. This is due, in part, to the fact that its near-net-shape parts require less machining.

Parts Consistency – The same tool is used to continuously produce the same wax patterns ensuring consistent parts that all share the same level of tolerances and specifications.

Waste Reduction – Investment casting tooling requires very little machining and therefore not as much waste is produced.

Accuracy and Fine Details – Investment casting tooling provides phenomenal accuracy and detail in +/- 0.005 inch per inch range. Furthermore, virtually no machining is needed to achieve the desired details and special features.

Lower Process Time – With investment casting tooling, the time in which it takes to go from concept to production is significantly shorter as opposed to using other options. This means you can take your products to market faster, and organizations can be more agile when it comes to market change requirements.

Laszeray Technologies bring these benefits and many more to companies seeking investment casting tooling in their manufacturing process.


Tooling and Investment Casting for Your Manufacturing Needs

Precision casting (sometimes called lost-wax casting) is often the best available method for creating intricate parts and components. In industries where precision can mean the difference between life and death, customers count on Laszeray to provide the investment casting tools they need.

A leader among precision casting manufacturers, Laszeray offers you its services and years of experience as a world-class designer and manufacturer of high-quality custom tooling for the aerospace sector. We are a leading producer of tooling used to manufacture 3-D blades and vanes for the aerospace investment casting industry. In addition, we serve other industries where precisely fabricated parts and components are vital, including the medical, electronics, oil & gas, agricultural, and automotive sectors.

Investment casting is a time-honored manufacturing process that can create components of virtually any level of complexity at tight tolerances. The investment casting coating process involves dipping a wax pattern into ceramic slurry to form a mold. From there, the wax is melted out and molten metal is poured inside. Once the metal has solidified, the mold is removed.

Whether you need to produce a tiny 1 oz. part or a large item weighing 20 pounds or more, investment casting gets the job done reliably, and at a reasonable price. As a manufacturing process, it’s flexible enough to produce large runs of a given part or just a few. In many cases, investment casting is the only truly cost-effective method of manufacturing a certain part or component.

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Investment casting provides other production advantages as well, including:

  • Affordability – Investment casting tooling does not require expensive equipment.
  • Wide range of materials – Many ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys can be used in the investment casting process.
  • Shorter lead times – Overall labor is sharply reduced with investment casting.

Contact Laszeray Technology for the Best Investment Casting Tooling and Other Manufacturing Services

Our in-house talent, advanced equipment, and unique knowledge provides significant advantages to those seeking the best investment casting tooling who partner with us. Laszeray offers everything from rapid prototype investment casting for businesses that need to test a product design, to medical investment castings for healthcare facilities that demand precision-crafted tools. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading investment casting companies around. Feel free to contact us for additional info on our investment casting tooling capabilities.



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 Variety of Core Tooling

Gate Parts Molds

 Automated Butterfly Dies

 Multi-Pull and Straight Pull Tooling


Wax Injection Tooling

Wax injection molding is the process of casting wax products. First, molten wax is injected into a hollow casing called a “cavity.” The cavity is chilled until the wax has cooled and is solidified. Then the wax is carefully removed from the cavity.

Core Tooling

With industry-standard bits, dies, taps, and other tools for creating common features in parts or part-specific mold tools, industry standard cut features can be included without spending the time and money needed for custom solutions.

Gate Parts Molds

Each injection mold design requires a gate to allow the molten plastic injection. Gate types can have a variety of effects on the parts, including part appearance, part dimensions, gate removal, and remaining material.

Multi-Pull and Straight Pull Tooling

Multi-Pull molds allow multiple products to be formed in one cycle, while straight pull molds form a single product per cycle. We have the tooling to produce both types of mold.