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Injection Molding Companies Near Me: What Product Developers Need to Look For

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that’s done in a product development project. This process has existed for more than one hundred years, but ongoing innovations continue to improve quality, efficiency, precision, and slash cost from the manufacturing budget. Using the right melted materials, such as various plastics, is critical to the product’s quality and the user experience buyers will have. Today big brands turn to Google to search for “the best injection molding companies near me for manufacturing”, and when they perform these searches, they are presented with a number of options. This article is intended to help product development teams learn what to look for when searching for the best local injection molding companies.

Just How Local Do “Injection Molding Companies Near Me” Need to Be?

Injection molding machines in a large factory

When it comes to finding a local plastic injection molding company, some teams are under the assumption that they need to partner with a provider in the same city, or even in the same state. In actuality, “local” implies an American-based company where costs are significantly reduced without the need for international shipping and taxes on currency exchange rates, and where communication and speed is enhanced without the lag that comes in dealing with an overseas provider. When searching for “injection molding companies near me”, you will discover that Laszeray is based right here in America, headquartered in Ohio, and working with brands in a wide range of industries located all over the country. That said, when looking for a plastic injection molding company, be sure to work with a reputable provider located in the US.

The Best Local Injection Molding Companies Offer Multiple Product Development Services

If the only service offered is plastic injection molding, then there is a problem. Rarely do brands just invest in this service. Often, internal teams realize they need other services through the development process, and these can include the following:

  • Plastic injection molding
  • Investment casting tooling
  • Injection mold tool design and manufacturing
  • CNC production machining
  • Engineering/design support
  • Rapid prototyping services
  • Secondary machining for parts development
  • Secondary machining for parts engineering
  • Finishing operations
  • Value engineering
  • Value analysis

The best injection molding services are always found through full-scale product engineering companies that offer every possible service you can think of all under the same roof. This is critical because during the injection molding process a new need may be detected, and you will need to act fast to stay within budget and get your product to market quickly. Companies like Laszeray are a full development and engineering outfit that can perform any service you may need.

Look for Lots of Experience when Searching for Plastic Injection Molding Services

Not only do you want your provider to be based in America, but they should have decades of experience to truly be the best. Remember, injection molding companies must produce multiple parts that are sized accurately, with the right dimensions, in just seconds to make the material cost economically viable. In some cases, multiple materials will need to be used for injection molding projects such as alloys through die-casting. Other materials like resins, glass, polymers, and thermoplastics could also be required to ensure the final product functions correctly. This will require a wide range of tools and machines, engineers with specialties, and all of this sums up a great degree of experience coupled with endless capabilities.

Ask to See the Injection Molding Company’s Portfolio and Sample Products

Injection moulding machines

Whether you and your team fly out to your injection molding company, or a courtier service is used, you would be wise to see examples of past projects they performed that closely resemble your own. If concrete pieces cannot be sent, a digital rendition will suffice. Allowing your team to examine and analyze past projects will give you a sample of the quality you can expect when they oversee your own project and create the custom plastic components you need to get your product to market before your competition.

Your Plastic Injection Molding Services Should be Goal-Driven

Make sure that your injection molding company understands your needs and goals. For example, a goal of plastic injection molding can be hitting growth goals, which can also include improving the user experience, offering higher quality than competitor products, and creating something more aligned with your brand. Your injection molding team should be mindful and driven by purpose.

Plastic Injection Molding Companies Must have Flawless Communication

Finally, the best plastic injection molding company will; have exceptional communication skills, capabilities, and ethics. There should be a single point of contact leading the injection molding process that meets with your internal team providing updates. They should also use a tech platform to share information and updates with your team in real time, and one that will allow for making any last-minute changes while welcoming a highly collaborative environment.

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