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Manufacturing for Military Contracts & Defense

Laszeray is the leading provider of manufacturing for military contracts–a wide range of services that align to produce products for the military. When working with the best company offering manufacturing for military contracts, you will need to ensure that the most efficient engineers and designers are working together under the same roof with access to state-of-the-art tools, equipment and materials that are used in every step of the manufacturing process, run by teams with the most advanced skills in the industry.

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Laszeray Technology, LLC’s product and engineering, CNC production machining, and additive manufacturing operations are carried out with great precision and attention to detail. We are proud to serve our military and defense clients. Highly sophisticated CNC tooling and equipment enable us to produce anything from small parts to components for ground/aerial vehicles and weapons systems.

Manufacturing for Military Contracts and CNC Machining

Laszeray is a prime contractor for CNC machining / CNC precision-machined components in the defense industry. As an ITAR-registered contractor, Laszeray engineers,  produces, and assembles components specifically for military applications, per Department of State guidelines. Our ISO-certified, 62,000-square-foot facility is conveniently located near Cleveland, OH and has numerous land, water, and air transport infrastructures that support domestic and international shipping.

A range of computer-guided machine tools are used for production. These include lathes, mills, grinders, routers, and crane lifts. Some of our high-speed equipment provides four- or five-axis capabilities. Parts are produced with very tight tolerances in low and high volumes. We work with a wide range of materials, including steel, plastic, aluminum, and over 250 others to accommodate a broad spectrum of applications used in CNC machining for manufacturing for military contracts.

Our facility also offers rapid prototyping capabilities, including 3D printing of functional prototypes from CAD data. Additive layer manufacturing enables us to employ solid ground curing, laminated object manufacturing, and other processes to meet specific requirements. Together, these techniques, along with CNC milling, enable us to produce prototype models very quickly.

Manufacturing for Military Contracts in Defense Industries

At Laszeray Technology, LLC, our capabilities support many military industries and applications. With our capabilities to carry out manufacturing for military contracts spanning a wide range of industries, we are a preferred choice for all branches of the military. A few examples of the sectors we collaborate with include:

  • Armored Vehicles: Tanks, trucks, armored personnel carriers, reconnaissance, and other vehicles require durable parts that tolerate the most demanding of conditions.
  • Aerospace Products: Components for manned and unmanned aircraft, missiles, and advanced space vehicles must be produced with the tightest of tolerances.
  • Arms and Ordnance: From manufacturing key arms/ordinance components to accessories, our services ensure military personnel are equipped with the most reliable solutions on the market.
  • Functional Systems: Parts for engine equipment, vehicle transmissions, powertrains, optical instruments, and rocket casings are just a few examples of what’s required in military and defense applications.

To ensure optimal component quality and function, we provide ultrasonic welding to strengthen weld joints, tensile and compressive forming, and heat/chemical/mechanical conditioning services. A wide range of surface finishing processes can be employed as well. These include polishing, laser engraving, powder coating, plating, and anodizing. Finally, when it comes to innovative manufacturing for military contracts, we work closely with internal teams to achieve part productions that require highly customizable features designed to meet highly detailed protocols and needs.

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Laszeray Invests in Intensive Research to Stay Current with the Evolution of Manufacturing for Military Products

The Department of Defense (DoD) awards contracts for billions of dollars each year to contractors and organizations that specialize in manufacturing for military contracts. Laszeray is committed to flawless excellence, as this field is hyper competitive. Several of the military contractors are massive corporations, however, the DoD regularly awards a substantial portion of military manufacturing contracts to smaller businesses, as well as contractors within the private civilian arena. Laszeray is committed to meet the product needs of the military departments while being in full compliance with government standards. Some of the reasons why all four branches of the military contract with Laszeray for manufacturing needs include the following:

  • Leader in research
  • Fluent in all military standards and specifications
  • Master of logistics with the fastest production and delivery times in the industry
  • Always in budget
  • Access to more materials and advanced tools
  • Best teams of engineers and designers in the manufacturing space

Research fuels development, and when it comes to supporting our military, we owe everything to the groundbreaking research that goes into every contract, through every step of the manufacturing process from conception to the finishing process.

Contact Laszeray for Manufacturing for Military Contracts

Our expertise in Mil-spec components and systems provides us with the knowledge needed to produce high-quality products and exceed customer expectations. A pool of talented engineers, technicians, and supporting staff enable Laszeray Technology, LLC to work tirelessly to achieve superior results with quick turnaround times. For more information on our manufacturing for military contracts and defense production capabilities, contact us at 440-582-8430 today.

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