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Rapid Prototyping Services: What Brands Need to Know About this Manufacturing Method

If you are new to your brand’s product development company, then you may have heard about rapid prototyping, but would appreciate more of a high-level understanding of this specific service used in manufacturing. When looking for a company that offers the best rapid prototyping services in America, here are some things to consider when exploring your options.

How is Rapid Prototyping Done, and at What Stage of Product Development?

Rapid prototyping (RP) creates a physical part, very quickly, from its CAD model data through a number of manufacturing techniques. Rapid prototyping is a popular method because it can be used at any stage of the product development process, for any primary or secondary component or part, giving design teams and engineers a great degree of flexibility. In addition, rapid prototyping can be repeated as many times as needed in a new product design process using the same test data to achieve the desired part, and in any size volume.

Why is Rapid Prototyping Better than Most Additive Manufacturing Methods?

In some cases, additive manufacturing may be an ideal option for your goals, but usually rapid prototyping is more commonly utilized, and here are some reasons why:

  • The integrity of the parts / strength is usually weaker as opposed to rapid prototyping with CNC machining
  • There are higher production costs due to the cost of the necessary equipment
  • Smaller build volume compared to other options
  • There is still a lot of unknowns, so the build process is more costly and slower to complete
  • The surface texture and finish is poor compared to CNC machining for rapid prototyping services
  • Several post-processing measures are required based on the type of additive manufacturing the client invests in
  • The mechanical properties are poor, and as a result post-processing is required

When you call rapid prototyping companies like Laszeray, share your goals and project specs, and they will be able to present the best rapid prototyping approach to ensure you get your project completed quickly, within budget, and error-free.

How Internal Teams with Product Development Companies Offer Rapid Prototyping Services


Every product development company that offers rapid prototyping services will have their own approach and protocol for working with the client’s internal team. However, the best rapid prototyping services will be offered by manufacturers that know how to form solid working relationships through careful collaboration and with flawless communication. You will want your rapid prototyping company to take the lead, but you will also need a single point of contact to manage that relationship, and to communicate every stage of the process to the rest of the team so that any last-minute critical changes can be made, and if there is great communication, this can be easily accommodated, if necessary.

Contact Laszeray for the Best Rapid Prototyping Services in America

Laszeray has been helping a wide range of clients spanning more than a dozen industries since 1994, and we are known by many for offering the best rapid prototyping services in the US. We have decades of experience in rapid prototyping with CNC machining, plastic injection molding and a number of tooling services to meet the needs of any project, in virtually every industry. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified in a temperature-controlled production facility with an in-house design and engineering team, with the best quality control standards in our space, to ensure every detail is perfect, and that the best materials are used based on your requirements. Call today and learn how a partnership with Laszeray can help you dominate your industry with the highest quality products that get to market before the competition knows what hit them.

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