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Why New Product Design Is Essential in Various Industries

The world is filled with development and innovation. New product design is the foundation for any product that is being developed. Without product design, new products would never be created; yet, product design is much more than just creating new products. It is also a vital part of identifying market needs and fulfilling those needs.

For example, takeout food containers that restaurants use today have not been around that long. Foodservice supply manufacturers back in the 1950s identified a market need and used product design to create a wide array of containers restaurants could use when customers wanted to take home their leftovers, order to-go, or have food delivered.

Benefits of Product Design

There are several benefits of using product design and development processes when creating new products. Some of the more common benefits include:

  • Helps Maximize Profits – By going through typical design phases that include prototyping and testing, you can identify specific market needs, obtain consumer feedback, identify potential problems, and make adjustments before going into full-scale production. By doing so, you maximize your potential earnings.
  • Attracts Customers – Consumers are excited when new products are announced. They want to know how the product will benefit them and make their lives easier. Through demonstrations and marketing techniques, you can generate excitement and attract customers long before going into mass production.
  • Builds Your Brand – New product design is a great way to help build your brand. Generating interest in new product lines can strengthen your position with consumers and put you in a better position ahead of the competition. Brand-building also helps transform consumers into repeat customers who are loyal to your brand.
  • Helps Maximize Success – The success of any business is to sell products that consumers will purchase. When you rely on product design development processes, you ensure the products you are designing will be well-received by consumers. As such, you are doing what you can to maximize the success of your business.
  • Helps Avoid Wasting Resources – If during testing and obtaining feedback from consumers, they let you know they don’t like the product you are developing, you can refine its design or scrap it and create a new product that consumers truly want. Since you haven’t gone into full-scale production, you haven’t wasted tons of resources.
  • Faster Release of New Products – Another benefit of product design is being able to get new products to market much faster. You will have followed product design processes to ensure your design is what consumers want and developed production processes that are efficient for mass production.

How New Product Design Is Used by Various Industries

New product design and development processes can be used for any type of product in any industry including:

  • Medical Equipment – Medical devices and equipment are designed based on ergonomics, durability, accuracy, sterilizability, and FDA-compliance.
  • Food Storage – Food storage containers are designed by taking food grades, food safety, types of food, and FDA compliance into consideration.
  • Oil and Gas – Product design is used to develop fittings, hoses, drilling equipment, seals, tubes, bushings, clamps, and more.
  • Automotive – All sorts of parts and components are created by using product design processes, including advanced safety systems and infotainment systems.
  • Aerospace – From rocket ships to airplanes, all sorts of parts and components are created using the latest technologies for the aerospace industry.
  • Consumer Goods – Manufacturers of consumer goods use product design to develop and create the products consumers need and want—like robotic vacuums and smart refrigerators.

Keep in mind, this is just a small list of industries that utilize product design processes. To learn more about new product design, product development, rapid prototyping, and other such services for your new product ideas, please feel free to contact Laszeray Technology, LLC at 440-582-8430 today!

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