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What You Should Look for in a Product Design Company with the Best Product Designers

When your internal designers come up with a product conception, you need a professional product design company to take your vision, run the data, have experienced product designers study the proposed product for any flaws, and create your product in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. For over a decade brands continue to say that Laszeray Technology is the best product design company with skilled product designers offering the best service in the industry.


What is a Product Designer?

The responsibilities held by product designers can vary from one product design company to another. However, there is a lot at stake when your company is investing in product design, so the designer, if they are truly the best, should be defined by the following:

User Experience Strategy – This is a combination of user experience (UX) design, goals and business strategy. The designed component must accompany the guiding principles for how the client will compete in their industry, and where investments should be made in business objectives. Ultimately, the product designers you work with should indicate and elaborate on where, when and how the design will take place. Examples include prime partners, customer segments, channels, main resources, and company value propositions.

Information Architecture – The way in which information (dashboards, websites, applications, content, and functionality) must be presented to offer the best user experience with all the right information and services being presented in a manner that’s easy to find and utilize in the necessary application. Product design forecasts information architecture, and all too often product design companies drop the ball in this area.

Interaction Design – Your product design team should be armed with all of your business goals, user research findings, and the right knowledge about the functionality and content of a future interface before the user interface designer can map out what will be the interactions between the product / system and its users.

When a product designer incorporates the above points into, and alongside the common components of a product design strategy, they will ensure consistency, usability, desirability, and credibility–all of the fine points required to help make organizations successful and highly profitable when launching a new product or product design upgrade.


What to Consider when Choosing a Product Design Company

One of the most important things to look for in choosing the best product design company is to take notice of the services they offer. Laszeray, for example, offers everything including plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, casting tooling, injection mold tool design, manufacturing, CNC production machining, full product design and engineering, secondary manufacturing, finishing operations, and value analysis and value engineering (VAVE).

You should also ask about their facility; discover what makes it unique, is there adequate space for proper machining and for teams to work productively? And what about employee satisfaction? Do the product designers feel that they are in the right place to use their skill sets and evolve in their career? All of these factors indicate a robust, well-rounded comprehensive product design company with ample skill sets where any last-minute design change or adjustment can be done in house, without delay, and performed by the best product designers in the industry.

Services Your Product Design Company Should Offer


When choosing the product design company your organization will work with from a shortlist that was likely put together by your team, it is critical to make sure the product designers offer the right services and bring the right skill sets to the table. These should include the following:

Program Management – Finding an experienced program manager is an important component to product development. Whether it is a single point of contact, or you have a few different experts assigned to oversee certain stages of the project, it is important that this person actually takes charge and works with your company’s leadership team. If multiple project managers are working, then make sure they are all aligned on every detail, at every stage of the process.

Engineering Concentrations that are Cross-Functional – Make sure your product design company has a robust team of engineers from various disciplines to ensure the design has the capability to offer diverse products built on the strengths of having a wide range of ideologies, tools, viewpoints, ideas and strategies.

Multi-market Knowledge – Make sure your product design company specializes in a number of verticals and industries, rather than just one of a small handful. Furthermore, the best product designers work for companies that specialize in the big markets. These include aerospace, medical, consumer goods, oil and gas, military and defence, plastics, government, and city entities.

Advanced Problem-solving Capabilities – Look for a product design company that presents an expertise that’s wide-ranging. This will enable your product designers to create comprehensive problem-solving capabilities for challenges that come up in any industry, for any product type. Laszeray product designers anticipate and remediate chaotic problems that often interface with the engineering and production process that can disrupt production deadlines.

When you find a product design company that offers these services and skill sets, all that’s left is to interview the project manager to ensure a good fit between their team and yours.


Laszeray is Your Ideal Product Design Company, Call Today!

There is a reason why Laszeray is the top choice for multiple industry leaders. We have a strong reputation for offering the best engineering and product designers, with the best problem-solving and customer service, to garner flawless products for growing businesses. Call today and learn how partnering with Laszeray for product design can help take your organization to the next level.

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