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What Machines Are Used for Custom Machining Services?

When you are looking for a custom tooling company to help produce the parts and components you need, as well as take care of finishing processes, you need to understand what machines they have available. The types of machines they use will determine what custom machining services they can offer.

There are all sorts of machines found in machine shops. Some machines use subtractive machining processes, where raw materials are gradually removed as the part or component is transformed into its desired shape. Other machines use additive machining processes, where materials are added to create the part or component.

1. CNC Milling Machines

This type of machine is used to produce parts and components by removing material to shape and form the part or component. CNC milling machines work well with solid materials like woods, metals, etc.

2. Lathe Machines

A lathe machine is another type of tooling machine used to shape and form parts and components. The workpiece is placed in the lathe and the machine rotates and moves it to drill, bore, sand, thread, and perform various other processes.

3. Grinder Machines

These machines grind material to smooth it out or remove it. They can help sand off sharp edges or gradually cut through hard materials.

4. Planer Machines

This is another type of tooling machine used to manufacture parts and components. Unlike CNC and lathe machines where the material can be turned and moved, the material remains fixed. The planer uses linear and straight movements and uses a fixed cutting tool to shape and form the desired workpiece.

5. Broaching Machines

This machine uses a special cutting tool that has multiple rows of “teeth” that gradually remove material. Each row serves a different purpose. The initial set of rows cut away the material and leaves it rough.

The next set of rows starts to smooth it out while continuing to remove some more materials. The last set of rows smooths out the material. Broaching machines can be used for a wide range of applications, including gears, non-round holes, and unique shapes.

6. Shaper Machines

Shaper machines are used to cut a variety of shapes, angles, and curves in workpieces. They function similarly to lathe machines, but the machine tools can handle smaller cuts along a linear path. As the tool moves back and forth, it gradually removes material until the desired shape is achieved.

Other Types of Machines Used for Custom Milling Services


Aside from these six types of machines, there are others a custom tooling company can offer. These could include:

  • Drill Presses
  • Threading Machines
  • Various Saws
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Surface Finishing Machines
  • Trimming Machines

If you are not sure which machines would be appropriate for your workpieces, take the time to consult with the machine shop and one of their engineers. They can offer advice and other beneficial information to help determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to produce the parts and components you need.

For further information about our CNC milling services, custom machine services, finishing services, and others, please feel free to contact Laszeray Technology, LLC at 440-582-8430 today!

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