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What is CNC Machining? Here’s an Overview for Manufacturers New to the Space

CNC machining, short for Computer Numerical Control, is a manufacturing process in which factory tool movement is determined by pre-programmed computer software. When manufacturers are creating products that require a wide range of complex machinery, companies that offer CNC machining can lend their services to offer a singular set of prompts that will accomplish a wide range of difficult cutting tasks.

CNC Machining Limits the Amount of In-Person Labor You Need to Manufacture Goods

Live engineers and operators charged with the responsibility to prompt and monitor machinery costs organizations more money, creates greater room for error, lends to the slowing of a process, and can eat away into profits.

While engineers new to machining may view a CNC operation as a standard arrangement of computer parts, the software and consoles set it apart as being far above standard modes of computation. CNC machining can also provide automated functionality that can save organizations thousands of dollars, improve safety on the production floor, and reduce operational costs.

How CNC Machining Works

When a worker programs the desired cuts into the computer system, tasks are electronically sent to tools that carry out the desired cuts. There is a code generator located in the numerical system of the CNC machining central program that helps to guarantee that all desires actions are flawlessly executed, even in a space where eros could be made which increases when CNC machining operations call for multiple machines to operate in various directions all on a simultaneous time.

There are several inputs that make up the parts program placed within a numerical control system. When using a numerical control machine, workers can input programmed actions via punch cards. On the flip side, when CNC machining is used, workers use small keyboards to input the information into the computer system where all the critical information is stored in a memory system–something card systems can’t offer. Not only is this more efficient, but it offers an added layer of security. This simply requires a programmer to write and edit the needed code, and therefore garner a wider range of capacity in the computational sense of operations. Finally, the workings of CNC machining are highly favored because new prompts cna always be added, meaning the system is not static.

CNC Machining: Closed Loop and Open Loop


The CNC machining process is determined through either a closed-loop or an open-loop method. When a closed loop system is used, a controller has the ability of gaining data that enables the ability to ameliorate any mistakes. This means a closed-loop approach can mend irregularities in position and pace. With the open-loop system signaling is run along a single pathway between the motor and the CNC operator.

It is important to know that CNC machining involves movement that flows across an X and a Y axis while the tool is directed with the aid of a servo motor or a stepper that reproduces movements as directed by the code. When projects call for minimal movement and force, then the process can be achieved through an open-loop method. As where all else is concerned, closed-loop options are used to secure the desired consistency, accuracy and speed needed for a wide range of industrial applications.

CNC Machining Offers Full Automation in Industrial Applications and Processes

Contemporary CNC protocols demand that software is used to pre-program parts production, and this process is almost entirely automated.  Computer-aided design (CAD) software sets the dimensions for parts that are then converted to a completed product thanks to computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software. Current CNC machines offer the ability to use multiple tools and functions into a single cell, making cutters, drills, and other components all available at once.

Many alternate solutions can consist of multiple machines with an individual pair of robotic hands that move parts from one application to another all while being orchestrated under a single program. The CNC process, despite the setup, enables the production of parts to be consistent–something that would be extremely expensive and virtually impossible to do through a manual operation.

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If you’re interested in utilizing CNC manufacturing to produce various products, find out more about how CNC machining and CNC programming works. You might also want to know about the main types of CNC machinery and the kind of work it can do to see if it can meet your needs.

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