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What Brands Need to Look for when Outsourcing Product Design Services

An increasing number of brands turn to outsourcing for product design services in order to make sure their products will reach the market at the right time, at cost, and with all the necessary design improvements made to improve functionality and the user experience. In 2020 the global market for product design services was estimated at $7.9 billion and is expected to reach $8.6 billion by the end of 2021. Specifically, the research, concept generation, and strategy components of product design services dominated the market with a share of more than 40% in 2019. With a soaring demand for these services, finding the best product design services by a reputable company can be very challenging for brands seeking a solid relationship with a design company they can trust. This article is intended to help brands learn what to look for when outsourcing product design services to another company.

Make Sure Product Design Services Cover all Aspects of Production

Some companies offering product design services will only take on a project if there is a prototype, while others will demand the blueprints and specifications and will simply create the product as presented by the brand’s concept team. This alone is not a practical use of outsourcing; product design services should revolve around every stage of product development from first conception to the final product. The best product design services are offered by teams that can troubleshoot designs, and make improvements that will enhance the overall quality of the final product going to market, while providing customers with the best user experience–a critical goal if brands hope to beat out their competitors. From rapid prototyping to finishing operations, make sure you outsource to a product design company staffed with a team of engineers and designers that are experts overseeing every step of the process.

Make Sure Product Design Services are all Performed Under the Same Roof

Some companies make the mistake of outsourcing product design services to a provider that uses multiple secondary organizations to complete various tasks within the product design project. When this happens, costly delays can surface and prevent products from entering the market at a critical time before their competition has a chance to see their products on retail shelves. Product design services from Laszeray gives their clients this rare luxury. Our process takes place on site, and covers the following areas:

Specific Engineers Specializing in a Particular Concentration – If you need a specialty engineer, Laszeray has them. Every project includes a team of engineers that are masters of specific disciplines. This means your product will benefit from cross-functional expertise under one roof where each engineer draws from the knowledge of another to ensure every strategy, viewpoint, idea, and the tools and method that will be used have all been agreed upon by the best minds in the industry.

Program Management Team – Make sure product design services are conducted with an ironclad project management solution. There should be a lead project manager that oversees each stage of the development process, as well as secondary team leaders each responsible for overseeing a specific stage in the process. The lead project manager should communicate with each team member while ensuring that each engineer and designer is aligned on goals while openly communicating and coordinating as a singular unit. This careful process will help in eliminating human error, and will streamline the entire project.

Problem-Solving Specialists – Look for a team of experts that have a wide range of experience with multiple types of products across a vast range of industries. Ask to see past project portfolios demonstrating their ability to anticipate problems that emerged in both the development and production processes, and how they ameliorated those challenges with proactive solutions.

Multi-market Knowledge – As mentioned, the best product design services will come from the capable hands and minds of experts with lots of experience in multiple industries. From the food and beverage sector to electronics, and from pharmaceuticals to aerospace, engineers and designers with a plethora of experience in a wide range of spaces will enable one to manage every type of project, regardless of any challenging project needs.

Select Product Design Services from a Company that’s Ethical and has the Record to Prove It

When partnering with a company offering product design services, you are trusting that your design won’t get leaked to the competition, or worse yet, stolen. Check to see if any legal actions have been filed against the product design company you are considering working with. You should also check to see what their safety record is; make sure there haven’t been any employee accidents due to negligence. You should also ask to see what type of safety protocol is followed at their facilities, and make sure full compliance with any laws or regulations is being practiced. Studies prove that employees are more productive when they feel supported by their employer and work in a safe environment.

Call Laszeray to Learn How Our Product Design Services can Catapult Your Company’s Growth

With more than 25 years of manufacturing and product design experience, Laszeray has established a national presence as the leader in product design with the best in-house team of engineers in the industry. When you call we will learn about your project, specific needs and show you how our team can work with your internal leaders to guide your project through every phase of the design and development process. Each contract is cost-effective and customized to empower every client’s project. Call today and learn more about how Laszeray offers the best product design services.

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