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Value in Kitting for Manufacturing Efficiency

Say you’d like to grow an herb garden, but don’t have the time or comprehensive knowledge to do so. Where do you go? You visit your local garden center where you’ll discuss your needs with a professional who can provide a customized service compiling all items for your greatest convenience, saving you time, costs and preventing mistakes. Thanks to the professional’s expertise, you have become more efficient and successful in your own regard. The same can be paralleled with kitting via your manufacturer.

What is kitting?

Kitting is the packaging of all parts needed for a specific product’s manufacturing into what’s called a ‘kit’. This is a highly efficient way of optimizing for your manufacturing needs, and your kit is even issued with just one part number and one bar code. The kit’s parts, called a bill of materials, are frequently in bulk demand and delivered directly to the point of use during a short period of time, making the supply of kits more efficient than individual ones.

With Laszeray, you’ll receive many great benefits from our comprehensive kitting services – the manufacturing, kitting, warehousing and logistics are all available at our facility for the possibility of one stop shop service. Furthermore, we manage all aspects of the materials, prepare all kits and deliver them on time. There are many additional benefits of kitting services for manufacturing processes.
Benefits of Kitting Services

  • Reduce Material Handling Time & Costs to Improve Efficiency
    If parts are not kitted, it is time-consuming for assemblers to search inventory, pull parts and log their use. You can reduce labor costs and improve your productivity with our kitting services because they reduce material handling time for your workers, increase efficiency in production and minimize delays. With kits already assembled, it saves energy, time and money.
  • Off-Site Inventory & Customized Boxes for Space-Savings
    Kits are also quicker to assemble all at once and kitting at the point of manufacture, our facility, doesn’t occupy your own workspace, which increases production. Also, the use of our custom boxes for bulk order kits will minimize their size and weight, saving shipping costs.

For more information on how you can acquire our Kitting Services, click here.

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