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The Two-Shot Injection Molding Advantage

Two-shot injection molding is one of many manufacturing methods used to create products from plastic polymers. However when it comes down to production, one method finishes above the others. Many processes like compression thermoset molding and extrusion can produce the finished product, but two-shot injection molding has many advantages when considering the alternatives.

What is two-shot injection molding? Two-shot molding is an efficient manufacturing process that uses plastic polymers to mold plastic parts with multiple colors, materials or components with complex designs in one mold and machine. Two-shot injection molding allows versatility, is simpler and more cost effective in comparison to other processes.

Here are a few reasons why two-shot injection molding can help differentiate products while increasing benefits.

Two-shot injection molding is Simple

The process is simple. One material is injected into a mold in order to make the initial section of the product. Then a second injection of a different and compatible material is added to the process for color, additional parts, etc.

Two-shot injection molding is Cost Effective, Provides Tighter Controls and Reduces Labor

Since this two-step process requires one machine cycle compared to multiple cycles, rotating the initial mold out of the way and putting the secondary mold around the product costs less and requires fewer man hours to make the finished product. This technique costs less for any production run and has the capability to deliver more items per run.

Two-shot injection molding produces Quality Products

The two-shot injection process improves color quality compared to the painting process, which can typically be wiped off. This eliminates the need for painting while extending the life of the color. This results in the appearance of higher quality products, which appeal to the consumer and can often translate to increased sales. The two-shot molding process also joins two materials in a single process, creating a stronger bond without the use of adhesives. Additionally, products can be ergonomically designed, which inherently allows more efficient fittings while reducing misalignments.

Two-shot injection molding is Versatile
Laszeray prefers two shot injection molding for many industry applications including aerospace, medical, automotive, military and consumer industries. From baby bottles to military equipment, the two-shot injection molding process is durable for any industry.

Laszeray Technologies, Inc. is an experienced two-shot capable manufacturer. Our team of engineers and production specialists can provide solutions for nearly any product production need. To learn more about our custom injection molding, or let us answer your questions here.

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