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These are the CNC Production Machining Cutting Methods Notorious for Damaging Materials

CNC machinists deal with the common headaches of material damage and tool deformation, and there are a number of factors responsible for the damage incurred by tolls used in CNC machining. When you partner with the best CNC machining company in the US, you expect production to be timely and to stay within budget. This means no flaws can take place in the CNC machining process, and this is why it is critical to understand the factors within certain cutting methods that can cause damage to the tools and materials, and one must know how to inspect the tools knowing exactly what to look for. This article is intended to help readers learn about the types of cutting issues that create material damage and tool deformation in CNC production machines.

CNC Production Machining and Hitting Cutters

Hitting cutters is a condition in which the cutting tool cuts a significant amount of the material and hits it in the process. This collision produces high vibration and damages the piece. Here are some tips for avoiding hitting cutters:

  • Tool diameter – A large tool diameter is one of the primary reasons for high cutting amount and this can be reduced by selecting a tool with a smaller cutting diameter.
  • Machining method – Selecting the right machining method according to the work that’s required, and the tool type is critical.
  • Safety heights – Select the right safety height in order to avoid hitting the clamping during the tool lifting. Be sure to keep the safety height higher than the height of clamping.


Bouncing Cutters in CNC Machining

Material and tool damage in CNC machining can sustain damage from bouncing cutters. The vibrations created by bouncing cutters cause significant force on the tools. Here are the primary reasons why bouncing cutters can lead to damage:

  • Tool diameter – if you select a tool with the same diameter and length and reduce the diameter by one time, the acceleration of deformation can be enhanced by four times. That said, select tools with larger diameters than their lengths, and this will also enable workers to avoid dealing with vibrations.
  • Tool length – Another common concern in the world of bouncing cutters is tool length. If you opt for a tool with the same length and diameter, and increase the length at a later time, the deformation will increase by three times. This is why you should use a tool that’s shorter than the diameter.
  • Force – The tool receives force during the cutting process, and this is directly proportional to tool and material deformation. You can’t eliminate force, but you can reduce it by avoiding bouncing cutters.

CNC Machining and Overcutting

When one cuts more of the workpiece than what’s required, the person is guilty of overcutting, and this can damage the piece. To avoid overcutting you will want to monitor the tool path and use extra caution and care while cutting with the tool.

With CNC machining, it is critical to keep all these points in mind in order to lower the risks of material damage and tool failure, and by being cognizant of these points, you can help prevent production downtimes.

Finding the Best CNC Machining Provider

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