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The Benefits of Value-Added Assembly and Engineering Services in Manufacturing

Value added assembly and engineering can include a plethora of services based in the company and their goals, or on the industry at hand. Organizations invest in the best value added assembly and engineering services to decrease time to market, reduce costs, enhance responsiveness for customers, and increase productivity.  Ensuring a more efficient and streamlined goal-driven manufacturing process while delivering a superior product that stands above your competitors is something Laszeray strives to do with every client who utilized value added assembly and engineering services. Our team is dedicated to improving the quality of your fastener solutions while reducing costs through our value-added engineering services, and if you are relatively new to this industry, then this article is for you as it will cover the basic benefits of investing in this service.

H2 – Value Added Assembly and Engineering Enables Production Streamlining

The types of providers who offer value added assembly and engineering services include original component manufacturers (OCMs), specialty distributors, and value-added resellers. Laszeray is a value-added service provider that’s capable of offering a full range of manufacturing, design, assembly, and installation services that supports organizations that benefit from outsourcing various skills and processes. With all services offered in-house by Laszeray, you get a more efficient supply chain by simplifying it.

H2 – True Full-Service Engineering and Design Support

Value added assembly and engineering services offered by Laszeray helps internal teams build and develop with the goal of ultimate product manufacturability. Making manufacturing simpler is critical to the overall production of end products, including assemblies. Added value engineering also works to ensure the right certifications and industry standards are met without jeopardizing the operational or structural integrity of an assembly.

H2 – Value Added Assembly and Testing

Assembly is one of the most (if not the most) critical value-added services. The best value-added assembly providers utilize automation to result in higher quality assemblies with rigorous requirements. As a provider of value-added assembly services, Laszeray will minimize the cost of assembly by boosting its efficiency.

After component assembly is complete, Laszery performs testing to make sure the end user does not encounter any pitfalls–assembly testing is initiated for the client, whether they are specialty distributors, OEMs, or other bodies. Multiple types of industries ranging from consumer goods to medical entities benefit from our testing services in value added engineering because it guarantees that final products can tolerate long term use and it proves the products are highly reliable.

H2 – Value Added Assembly and Logistics

In the arena of manufacturing and distribution, logistics face increased complexity due to globalized manufacturing and sourcing. The types of value-added services that customers are looking for have been affected, from the aspect of external logistics businesses. Most customers are searching for value added services that focus on logistics that touch upon the following:

  • Packaging
  • Material handling
  • Component management
  • Assembly
  • Bill of materials analysis
  • Inventory control

Usually, value added services are considered by clients that are an integral part of today’s hyper competitive marketplace landscape to cut down on lead times and costs while increasing output.

Design Support and Engineering with Value Added Services

Laszeray’s value added service department offers full-service support spanning documented engineering drawings to concept sketches, and to working prototypes. Our design teams always build manufacturability focusing on wire engineering, board engineering and connectivity without overlooking the goal to improve the ease of manufacturing. Laszeray also designs for applications that work to ensure that standards and industry certifications are honored without compromising the function and quality of an assembly.

Work with Laszeray for Value Added Assemble and Engineering Services

We conduct business in a highly competitive market where value added services from top providers like Laszeray are critical because clients can slash lead times, cut costs, and boost throughput. Laszeray’s value added service providers will also simplify wire engineering and board designs while offering a robust connectivity solution. Our value- added services go beyond design support, as they enable quick-turn manufacturing, installation, assembly, certification, testing and logistical support to lower costs while making the manufacturing process much more simple.

Our value-added services team is standing by to take your call, learn all about your organization and projects, and show you how Laszeray can improve everything across the board by offering the best value-added assembly and engineering services on the market.

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