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TCO Driving a Further Increase in Reshoring

We’ve written about it before, but the days of cheap China (and other Asian countries) really do seem to be coming to an end. According to the platform, sourcing for custom injection molding is up 35% over its all-time average.

American companies offshored the majority of their injection molding in the last few decades, but continuing to reevaluate the TCO (total cost of ownership) is driving more and more of that work back to the U. S. With the rising cost of Asian labor juxtaposed with factors such as increased productivity, shorter supply chains, cheaper energy, tax breaks, and improved agility and customer support – moving back to America becomes increasingly profitable. It turns out proximity to your markets holds major advantages for everyone involved in manufacturing and supply chains. The other key,

The other key to industry-specific advantage is quality. The quality of tooling that has been sent to America from Asian manufacturers has proven to be simply unusable, with nothing built to specs or standards that we rely on in North America. Products produced at home have much higher tolerances and quality finishes – leading to happier customers and repeat business. Whether it’s Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) implementation, ISO standards or the ones put forth by the Society of Plastics Industry, adherence ensures quality. At Laszeray we’ve been committed to the best processes and products since day one.

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