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How Structured Light Technologies Help Improve Product Development Services

When it comes to product development services, it is important to find a service company that can meet all of your needs. From initial designing and engineering to delivering the final product, you need a reliable company you can trust that provides consistent quality.
An essential part of your new service development strategy is finding a development service company that utilizes the latest technologies. Modern technologies can help improve the quality of finished products, whether for specific parts and components or a complete finished product.
One such technology making a huge impact on product development services is structured light technology. This new technology offers business entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes an effective method for creating precise parts, components, and finished goods.

What Is Structured Light Technology?

This technology uses a 3D high definition (HD) scanner that is mounted on a tripod and connected to a computer. Using special 3D scanning software, the scanner takes precise measurements of a part, component, or another product.

The HD scanner uses LED light beams and projects these onto the item being scanned. The light beams create specific patterns which are recorded by the software. The item is scanned from multiple angles and sides to help create a very accurate 3D electronic representation of it through the software app.
Structured light technology can be used to scan just about any size item, from minute parts that are a few millimeters to objects which are several feet long. In addition, the scanning process can be automated by connecting a rotary table to the 3D HD scanner. This allows the software app to take multiple scans of the object from every angle for even more precision.

How Is Structured Light Technology Different from Traditional 3D Product Development?

With structured light technology, you are taking an object you have already developed to further enhance its design, make improvements, or use it for rapid prototyping production to ensure quality and consistency.
With traditional 3D product development, you typically use a software application to create the object first. Then you use a 3D printer to transform what you have created into a physical object.
Another key difference is structured light technology can be used with a variety of manufacturing processes. You can use injection molding, CNC machining (subtractive manufacturing), 3D printing (additive manufacturing), or some combination thereof, along with secondary services to create your finished product.

How Is Structured Light Technology Used for Rapid Prototyping New Products?

Let’s assume you have designed, created, and developed a new prototype of a new product. You have already been through the test and revisions phases and are ready to start limited production of the new product. As with any product, you need to ensure consistency with each one built to maintain high-quality standards.
This is where structured light technology can help by taking a detailed 3D HD scan of the prototype product. In addition, you can scan each and every part and component used to build the product. Using the scanned product data, you can then manufacture precision parts and components that match the original ones used in the prototype.
Keep in mind, this is just one example of how structured light technology can be used as part of a rapid prototyping strategy.

For further information about structured light technology, how it can benefit your product development strategies, and other product development services, please feel free to contact Laszeray Technology, LLC at 440-582-8430 today! We offer a wide range of services, including custom injection molding, CNC machining, design and engineering, rapid prototyping, and more.

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