Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE)

Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE)


Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE)

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Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE)

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Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE)


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Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) are two distinct processes for enhancing the worth of a specific product. VAVE is also occasionally called “Value-Added Value Engineering,” but this is not the standard usage. In today’s competitive market, our VAVE services can help reduce costs and lead times, while increasing throughput. In addition to engineering, design, and manufacturing, Laszeray offers turnkey solutions that are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

The two elements of VAVE can be summarized as follows:

  • Value Analysis (VA) – This process involves a comprehensive evaluation of an existing product, with the aim of improving its functionality, increasing its aesthetic appeal, and/or reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Value Engineering (VE) – This process occurs during the product development stage, with the aim of maximizing the value of a product prior to manufacturing.

Our wide range of Value Analysis/Value Engineering services includes sub-assembly, assembly, final pack-out, and even drop shipment of finished goods. Our skilled assembly and sub-assembly staff and robotic part handling equipment lets us assemble even the most complicated products, using in-house manufactured components or combined with sourced components.

We can also help with kitting, warehousing, sourcing, and packaging. Value engineering analysis can identify improvements in design, material, or processing to help reduce costs.

Need testing of the final assembly? Laszeray offers that too. Need a service not listed here? Just ask! Our goal is to be your partner and offer value-added services to help streamline your business. Through every stage of the development and manufacturing of your product, we monitor for quality assurance. You can count on Laszeray to see your product through from concept to completion.

Laszeray’s Capabilities Include

  • Kitting – Kitting is the packaging of all the parts needed for a specific product’s manufacturing into a single unit with one part number. Kitting reduces material handling time and costs.
  • Sourcing – We can identify, evaluate, and engage suppliers for whatever additional items and resources your finished product requires.
  • Inventory and Stocking Programs – We can manage both on- and off-site inventory of products and supplies on an on-demand basis.
  • Inspection and Certification – We can inspect products, assemblies, and sub-assemblies to ensure they meet a variety of standards-compliant certifications
  • Assembly – Laszeray can assemble your precision components, including mechanical and electrical parts, with a combination of skilled staff and robotic part-handling equipment.
  • Sub-Assembly – If you don’t require full assembly of your product, our team can build sub-assemblies from your components to your specifications.
  • Packaging – We offer many packaging options, from simply protecting your product to fully decorated point-of-sale packaging.
  • Drop Shipping – At your direction, we can drop-ship fully assembled and packed product right to your distribution center or customer.

About Laszeray

Since its founding in 1994, Laszeray Technology has offered an array of product development and engineering services to clients from a broad spectrum of industries, including the medical, aerospace, oil and gas, recreational, and transportation sectors. In addition to Value Analysis and Value Engineering services, our team of engineering experts are highly skilled in tooling, prototyping, secondary manufacturing, and related processes. Laszeray’s state-of-the-art, 62,000-feet, ISO-certified facility is located in Ohio. Feel free to contact us for more information about our Value Analysis/Value Engineering services.