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What Separates a Precision Manufacturer from the Pack?

When it comes to high quality precision manufacturing, it’s no secret precision design and quality are a must from start to finish. Many manufacturers can produce bulk commodities, but the level of attention engineers bring to support each customer should be a major consideration for the most complex designs and applications.

In addition to engineering expertise, ensuring stringent quality control is a key element of the precision manufacturing process. It focuses on the minutest details, eliminates variability and ensures consistent qualification is achieved through defined measures.

Before production begins, here are a few issues that should be considered:

• Does the product require durability and the ability to withstand and handle specific conditions?
• Would the product require sterility, or does its intended use require the ability to be cleaned so that it is sterile and usable?
• Will the product be subjected to strong detergents or oils?
• Does it need to be flame retardant?
• In consumer applications, aesthetics are very important. Additional considerations that must be top of mind are scratches, scuffs, flow lines, sink marks, rough edges, high gates, etc.

“We focus attention on high-value products and what it takes to meet varied standards. We are nimble, responsive, and we have a very strong engineering DNA, which sets us apart from other manufacturers. Our team is passionate and has an appetite for continuing to invest in customer applications. When we are working on a project, it’s not a matter of if we can do it, we look at ‘What do we need to do to get the job done.’ Our engineers and tool designers are routinely analyzing opportunities for new and existing clients to improve profitability, sharpen designs and advance quality,” said Laszeray Vice President of Engineering, Michael Kalamasz.

Laszeray supports higher value applications associated with quality, value and aesthetics in the aerospace, medical, consumer appliance and automobile industries and beyond.

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 Laszeray is ISO 9001: 2008 certified supplier and certified GMA-SAFE manufacturer.
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