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Safe and Sound – Creating Cleaner, Safer Products for Infants

Laszeray, NeoTop and Eastman Tritan™ collaboration protects infant health by lowering the risk of contamination in baby formula dispenser

Laszeray Technology, LLC collaborated with Eastman Tritan™ to expertly take NeoTop’s baby formula dispenser design from initial inception to completion for full commercial availability. Through the use of both Laszeray’s design resources, injection molding tools and production, assembly and order fulfillment resources, as well as Eastman Tritan’s copolyester material, the companies were able to create a more durable, cleaner and safer product that lowered the risk of formula transfer contamination. That’s simply consumer peace of mind.

“This product’s success is the direct result of “Best In Class” collaboration,” said Kevin Hershfield, CGO of Laszeray Technology. “By merging the distinguished qualities of material technology, design capabilities, manufacturing reach, and part functionality, we were able to efficiently bring to market one inventor’s design. The end result is a finished product that will keep babies healthy. This truly is, what Laszeray is all about.”

Laszeray’s expert engineers firmly focused their efforts on developing a product that was not only of the highest quality, but most importantly sustainable and safe for infants as well. The engineers also added elements that made it even more functional, aesthetically appealing and durable for customers, including a translucent blue color that creates an eye-catching clarity, allowing visibility of the contained formula.

The main concern of young mothers was that there was a shocking amount of germs passed from the baby formula container and scoop to their babies. By developing a sanitary product design that holds 400 grams of formula and dispenses, with an easy twist, single servings into bottles without exposing the formula to handling germs, the danger is significantly reduced.

“A recent clinical study of this baby formula dispenser showed a 60-80% reduction in the total amount of germs,” said Stephen Rowland, chief operating officer at NeoTop. “Thanks to the partnership with Laszeray Technologies, NeoTop and Eastman Tritan™ were able to take the patented design created by Dr. Sami Ismail, a neonatologist in Nashville, Tennessee, from a rough sketch to a fully-evolved, exceptional product.”

The other health component used is Tritan™ copolyester, an environmentally and health conscious food-grade material, which is BPA free as well as heat and impact resistant. Mothers can rest easy knowing that their little ones will be well protected against toxins and environmental dangers.

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