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Robotic Part Handling and Trimming

Industrial robots are essential to the custom injection molding process. Our systems at Laszeray Technology can process over 250 different materials and parts of different sizes and complexities while advanced robots support the handling of parts during assembly, welding, and labeling. They provide automation capabilities for all types of part handling and trimming as well. Our robot systems can manage a wide range of plastic injection molding tasks. Here is a closer look at these processes and how they work.

What Is Robotic Part Handling?

Robotic part handling is a process that allows components to be moved quickly with precision, consistency, and flexibility. It requires a system that transfers, feeds, and removes parts—and/or the tools used to manufacture them—from machinery. The use of industrial robots helps employees avoid potentially hazardous situations. These robotic systems are highly adaptable. They can be adjusted for a variety of different products and changes in throughput.

Robots are also used for pick and place operations. Molded parts then often undergo further processes, including inspection, hot stamping, wrapping, and palletizing, which can be handled by automated robot systems. Robots eliminate the potential for accidents and mistakes that can occur when employees perform repetitive tasks over long periods. This results in less downtime, fewer days off, and a reduced risk of incurring costs related to workplace injuries.

What Is Robotic Part Trimming?


An automated approach to part trimming enables material separation to occur at high speeds with exceptional precision. A router bit at the end of a robotic spindle trims the part, yielding clean edges and a cut that meets exact specifications. Areas are trimmed to a predetermined depth at closer tolerances than a human can achieve alone. If needed, the robotic router can be programmed to cut completely through the part.

Robotic part trimming achieves predictable results during manufacturing. It also improves product quality and end-user satisfaction. Since cutting tools are integrated directly into the injection molding machine, the robot can move directly from part transfer to where trimming is performed. Combining injection molding with robot automation yields more consistent part quality, decreased part variations, and improved productivity and efficiency.

What Other Molding Capabilities Does Laszeray Offer?

Our capabilities also include plastic injection molding using 65- through 1,000-ton presses. We also use a two- or three-shot injection molding process for increased part versatility and insert molding to develop more complex parts. Also, two or more molded plastic parts can be over-molded into a single finished product to provide quality custom solutions. Our team is committed to meeting customers’ needs, meeting and exceeding their requirements, and delivering superior results—on time.

To learn more about robotic part handling and trimming, custom injection molding, and other capabilities offered by Laszeray Technology, such as product design/engineering, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, and finishing, call 440-582-8430 or request information online.

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