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Reshoring: Doing Business Locally Again

The tide is shifting in the world of injection molding; jobs that left overseas are returning to the USA.

Efficiency is the leading driver of the return of injection molding. Continuous investment in technology has resulted in the ability to deliver high-quality, precision-manufactured goods at lower costs and with higher turnaround times. High-tech manufacturing solutions like robotic part handling combined with process innovations like Total Predictive Manufacturing result in improved cost savings, increased output, lower capital expenditure and lower maintenance inventory.

Rising overseas wages and transportation costs also factor in considering cost savings and efficiency; with increasing parity, it’s becoming significantly less expensive to serve the Americas with a regional manufacturing partner – avoiding international shipping procedures and associated red tape.

Accountability is critical with any business partner, and with a local partner, it is much easier to maintain. It’s widely known that patents and copyrights are not respected overseas. On top of that issue, device failure is a much higher risk, as your products actual manufacture might be outsourced to another overseas vendor without your knowledge or oversight. On top of these issues, if you need to move your mold, will you be able to obtain it easily and will another manufacturer be able to run it easily? These issues can be serious problems with an overseas manufacturer but are nonissues domestically.

A local partner is easier to communicate with and is certain to be more responsive than one on the other side of the ocean. Learn more about Laszeray’s custom injection molding, or let us answer your questions here.

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