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Recycled Plastics Boost Demand for 2-Shot Injection Molding

“The Edition Truth” just published an informative article with promising indicators for the 2-shot injection molding market. As global government regulations continue to change regarding recycled plastics, Laszeray is doing its part in responding nimbly and reducing environmental waste in the 2-shot injection molding process. This is accomplished using recycled plastics when applicable and products such as Tritan™ copolyester, an environmentally and health conscious food-grade material, which is BPA free as well as heat and impact resistant. In addition, Laszeray employs Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) principles that improve part quality, optimize life cycle costs, and eliminate waste. Our investments in the latest technologies, consume the least amount of energy, and operate with the highest levels of reliability.

With these regulation and material changes, it is more critical than ever to work with a manufacturer that understands every aspect of the process, especially material chemistry. Materials must meet the testing and use specifications defined by governing authorities and maintain compliance with requirements defined by organizations such as the FDA, UL, GMA, or USP.

As an American manufacturer, Laszeray remains aware of global regulation changes and demonstrates its commitment to corporate citizenship by taking a role in sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Read the full story: The Edition Truth – 2/21/17

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