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OEM to CM – Why you should outsource your injection molding

Does your project involve a custom, injection molded component? If so, you may want to consider outsourcing that part to a dedicated contract manufacturer. Simply put, it’s a matter of core competencies and cost savings.

Producing high-quality, injection molded plastics requires a significant expenditure of time and money, as well as dedicated experts. A realistic approach means evaluating your core competency vs. the challenges of adding injection molding to your current in-house manufacturing capability. What you’re projecting as an inexpensive part to add may prove costly in the long run.

Contract manufacturers offer significant advantages, including cost savings, improved quality, and improved logistics operations.

A contract manufacturer is going to bear the costs associated with keeping up with cutting edge manufacturing equipment and training highly skilled supports staff. As a result, a CM is going to able to deliver a high-quality product without trial and error. ISO certified manufacturers have demonstrated continuous quality improvements that you can take advantage of. Also, by outsourcing, you save on associated labor costs, which will be a significant expenditure to bring injection molding online internally.

Contract manufacturers also have a lot to offer from a logistics standpoint. With options like customer-tailored stocking programs, inventory management, and kitting & packaging, a contract manufacturer can supply a great deal of additional value, helping to further reduce costs with increased efficiency.

Laszeray is proud to offer all of these advantages and more. Check our comprehensive service offerings to discover how we can help meet your needs.

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