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Looking for a New Provider that Offers Rapid Prototyping Services?

If you are looking for a new provider that offers prototyping services, you are not alone. Prototyping is critical to the success of any organization, and when errors occur, deadlines aren’t honored, or budgets break, companies will usually, without hesitation, wash their hands and move on in the hunt to find the best rapid prototyping services from a reputable company. This article will examine some of the most common reasons that lead organizations to finding another rapid prototyping solution, along with advising readers on what qualities to search for in a new provider.

Look for Rapid Prototyping Services with a History of Completing Projects on Time

As you know, prototyping services must be completed on time, for multiple reasons. Getting a product to market for seasonality reasons, and to get their product out before a competitor can is critical to any organization’s growth. In order for a company to offer timely rapid prototyping services, parts must be manufactured with total accuracy to give a perfect fit, and this requires a strict quality control system, the right machines, and a veteran staff of expert engineers. This also requires flawless communication between the rapid prototyping company and your internal team to ensure there is alignment on the design and approach. That said, in order to lock down a new provider that offers rapid prototyping services in a timely manner, you need a team with a main point of contact to oversee the project and report to your team giving full disclosure on updates and next steps.

Invest in Rapid Prototyping Services that Utilize the Latest Technology

Most rapid prototyping companies use the same manufacturing technology and methods that were used over a decade ago. Failure to stay agile and keep pace with this evolving industry is a clear sign that the company is not at the top of their space. Instead, look for rapid prototyping services from a company that invests in the latest technology and that uses old methodology to inform and evolve their techniques to something modern and that “thinks outside the box” as opposed to using the same old machining routine. The highest quality prototypes are conceived by companies that remain ahead of the competition by investing in the newest prototyping methods with skilled teams that ensure ingenuity with every step of the rapid prototyping process.

Make Sure the Provider’s Definition of Rapid Prototyping Meets Yours


There are a number of providers out there who claim to offer rapid prototyping services, but in reality what they bring to the table is just one piece to a much larger puzzle. Be sure to find a provider specializing in rapid prototyping manufacturing that uses a combination of modern techniques combined with CAD data to engineer a model of the target part. The best rapid prototyping services are offered by companies that use 3D printing, CNC milling technology or an additive layer.

3D is often used to create functional prototypes. It uses CAD data in an additive manufacturing process, and is a very cost efficient way for companies to have prototypes on hand.

CNC milling technology delivers prototypes in a very effective manner in which a plethora of materials can be used through the CNC machining process. These often include plastic, wood, and a wide variety of metals.

Additive layer manufacturing is a process that includes solid ground curing and laminated object manufacturing.

When you call Laszeray and speak to our engineers we will be able to work with your internal team to select the right process, and develop a plan towards creating your prototype using the right technique, within the necessary time frame, and at budget with no errors.

Call Laszeray today and learn how our team can work together with yours to deliver rapid prototyping services with the goal to help take your organization to the next level, while helping you hit all of your goals.

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