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Is It Time to Revamp Your Product Design?

Even if you have a great, successful product, evolving technologies and changing consumer needs will eventually require a new product design if you want to retain some market share. Your product may be recognizable and well-liked, but it helps to stay current. However, you don’t want to move forward without a vision and plan; you need to know why you’re investing in a product redesign.

The Right Reasons for a Product Redesign

When it comes to the success of a product, timing is everything. Is your product outdated, does it still serve its purpose, or are there other products that do the same thing better? Here are some reasons to consider working on a product redesign:

  • It Can Be Simpler and More User Friendly: Perhaps a feature was perfect for a while, but better options are now out there. The questions to ask here include: Can you make things easier for users? Are there features and functions that can be simplified? What drawbacks does the current process have? Think about what users most often request and if you can save them time.
  • The Design Is Outdated: Visual trends come and go. A shape, color, or design theme that was trendy a few years ago might not go over as well today. Refreshing the look of an item or a user interface can be enough of an update. Just be careful not to undermine the features that make your product useful. Also, make sure to consider user feedback in making improvements.
  • Customers Demand Better: If customers have a positive enough experience with your product, they might overlook any flaws, but suggestions on improvements should be taken seriously. There may be a function missing that a similar product offers. Take any criticisms regarding usability, aesthetics, and value to heart; you could very well end up competing with products that have overtaken yours in the market.

Brands can stagnate over time. There’s always someone looking to do better. If your product no longer meets users’ needs, you can build a new product from scratch that somewhat matches the intention of the previous one. If your flagship product is recognized enough, your brand name will be too; this can provide an opportunity to introduce something else great.

Finding Product Design Inspiration


Inspiration is crucial in the area of product design and development. With the convenience of online shopping and social media, you can easily gain exposure to other products and the markets you want to serve. Inspiration can also come by taking a walk, traveling, or having a conversation with a friend, family member, or co-worker.

A Word on Product Development Services

At Laszeray Technology, we offer a collaborative approach to product engineering and design. We can help revamp your product, from inception to prototyping, to production. Building on product development expertise and knowledge of many different markets, our in-house engineers work with clients of any size and find cost-effective solutions for any design challenge. Call 440-582-8430 today to learn more.

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