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Improving Our Ability to Compete in a Global Economy through Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM)

The expression, “Change is the only constant” is no longer hard to comprehend. Every business now recognizes the importance of adaptability and innovation. What may be overlooked, however, is a full examination of how a business’ operations are equipped to reliably and competitively deliver quality products in the midst of changing market drivers.

Laszeray Technology is conducting precisely this examination. According to Jeff Crouse, Laszeray’s newest employee and Operations Manager, “we are going to step beyond simple, preventative maintenance and dive into a more predictive behavior.” Specifically, Laszeray is going to implement Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) principles that will “improve part quality, optimize life cycle costs, and eliminate waste.”

Crouse adds, “TPM relies upon teamwork, LEAN Principles, and a company-wide commitment to make the daily work environment and a safer, more attractive work place. TPM is not about maintenance, it’s about productivity through comprehensive business systems and data.”

With TPM, Laszeray will reduce costs by increasing the life of its assets, by eliminating the need for rework, by reducing costs associated with replacement parts, and by preventing disruptions. It is not easily accomplished. Successful implementation requires Kaizen events, vigilant observation, meticulous data collection, and 5S behavior.

The TPM process has five stages:

  1. Initial Checking: Cross-functional teams observe and collect data
  2. Root cause analysis: Determine source of leaks, spills, etc.
  3. Inspection: Develop methods to inspect difficult areas, clearly mark work areas
  4. Standardization: Define precise methods for inspection and visual observation of conformance to instructions
  5. Implementation: Create and manage Standard Operating Procedures

When TPM works, all team members adhere to a system that incorporates inspection, participation, ownership and data collection. The results are measureable. They include cost savings, increased output, improved quality, reduced capital expenditures, and lower maintenance inventories.

As the process gets underway, Crouse is optimistic that it will lead to additional improvements that include sophisticated analytics. “We are committed to staying on the forefront of technology and we also know that data drives innovation. I am excited about growing into Predictive Maintenance technologies that include sensors and constant equipment surveillance.”

“While technology drives improvement our people make it a reality. At Laszeray, our people use the systems to drive innovation, continuous improvement, and manufacturing excellence.”

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