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How to Find the Best Plastic Injection Molding Company for Consumer Products

Plastic injection molding is one of the most popular manufacturing processes in which parts are produced by injecting molten plastics into a mold. If the plastic injection molding company has the right resources, Injection molding can be performed using a wide range of materials spanning from various plastic types to glasses, metals, confections, thermosetting polymers, and thermoplastics. For more than a decade Laszeray has established itself as the best plastic injection molding company for consumer products, as we are known for improving upon the design, executing any sized job on time, and under budget, and all in all we have saved organizations millions of dollars with aloof the services that encapsulate the process, all performed under one convenient roof by the best teams in the industry.

This article is intended to help people new to leadership roles in their company learn how to source the best plastic injection molding company that can help them get their products to market quickly, while saving them time and money.

Available Consumer Product Manufacturing Approaches

In some cases, consumer products calling for parts made via plastic injection molding will also require other manufacturing processes to get a finished product that’s ready to go to market. Laszeray often utilizes the following in such a scenario:

CNC Production Machining – Known as Computer Numerical Control, CNC utilizes lathes, mills, grinders, routers, and additional equipment to create parts. This process enables engineers to create plastic or metal parts with a high degree of flexibility, and this is a popular solution for rapid prototyping, as well as one to enable teams to meet full manufacturing requirements.

Finishing Operations – Also known as Finishing Manufacturing, this is a service that occurs at the end of the manufacturing process when the fully formed part is completed, and every secondary process has concluded.

Custom Injection Molding – Laszeray offers custom injection molding in which a wide range of complexities and sizes can be manufactured with extremely high unit volumes into the millions. Thanks to insert molding, automated part trimming, robotic handling, and over molding systems, our versatility is not only possible but amongst the top in our industry.

When looking for a plastic injection molding company, make sure they also offer these other tree processes, as often they will go in tandem.

Look for a Wide Range of Products Produced by the Plastic Injection Molding Company

The best plastic injection molding companies for consumer products work in multiple industries and produce a wide range of products. From the plastic caps on a tube of toothpaste, to spark plug covers for automobile engines, and from food storage containers to plastic accessories for toy action figures, plastic injection molding companies like Laszeray have manufactured all of it. This is a testimony to a company’s capabilities and breadth of knowledge.

Communication Protocol for Plastic Injection Molding Teams


In most cases an organization will have a project manager, and his or her job is to work with the plastic injection molding company to ensure everything is being performed according to specs, within the budget, and in a manner that will hit the deadline date. If your plastic injection molding company doesn’t have an experienced team that can multitask while integrating flawless communication, it opens a door for many problems, including internal issues that can spring up in your office. At Laszeray we have a dedicated team lead responsible for communicating with our clients. From digital platforms and CMS solutions, to regular online meetings, calls, and continuous email updates, we make sure you are looped in to every aspect of the process.

Plastic Injection Molding Portfolio of Work

When vetting the various plastic injection molding companies in the country, be sure to ask to see their portfolio of work. Ask them to show you examples where their design team helped make improvements for their clients that improved the user experience, reduced cost, and sped up the manufacturing process. Also, ask to see samples so you can gauge the quality of their work. When thumbing through the portfolio, consider setting up a call with the plastic injection molding company and ask them to explain some of the challenges associated with each project, and how their team got around those obstacles to create superior parts that delighted each client.

Call Laszeray for Consumer Parts Plastic Injection Molding Services

Laszeray has a national reputation for offering the best plastic injection molding services for consumer products, in a wide range of industries. Call us today and set up a consultation, and we can show you how we can help you position yourself as a leader in your industry with superior products that get to market quicker than the competition, with improved designs, and that are produced well within your budget.

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