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How Plastic Injection Molding Enabled Procter & Gamble to Hit Growth Goals, and how it can Help You

Plastic injection molding is a method for developing parts in a way that is faster, easier, and cost effective. When undergoing product development leading organizations and brands invest in the best plastic injection molding services to get their product to market faster, and to cut down on production costs. Procter & Gamble is one such company that soared past their growth goals, and plastic injection molding services offered by companies l ike Laszeray is exactly what helped them achieve their success.

Product Innovation and Plastic Injection Molding

Procter & Gamble has a global reputation as a consumer product company offering a wide range of items but is less known for its R&D on making improvements in plastics processing technology. Procter & Gamble is known for its frequent use of plastic injection molding for products and packaging that ranges from toothbrushes to feminine-care products, razor parts, and other items.

Procter & Gamble invests in plastic injection molding for their Oral B toothbrushes, and Gillette razors. Plastic injection molders, as part of a fully equipped product development team, have been able to make design improvements to the toothbrushes and razor handles. The result was taking superior products to market before the competition could drop, and as a result profit soared.

Procter & Gamble Reduced Lead Time and Cost: A Lesson in Plastic Injection Molding

Many years ago, Procter & Gamble set out to reduce cost and lead time in the production of plastic components. Their goal was to rethink the production of plastic injection molded parts in the context of innovations in cost, speed, and product quality. The company invested in a colossal research project and brought in injection molding engineers for expert opinion and insight. The team went through a series of tests and pilot-scale demonstration and came up with groundbreaking new technology powered by low, consistent injection pressure. This innovative process changed the way the company thought about parts manufacturing and design, and from this the company launched iMFLUX Inc. as a stand-alone subsidiary. The iMFLUX injection molding process utilized a special controller enabling teams to fill a mold at a lower defined melt pressure profile, which garnered variable filling rates adapting to the part geometry, instantly. This resulted in new parts to improve the overall product, better part quality, more opportunities to design possibilities, and capital expenditures were reduced. Ultimately, the biggest discovery through this process was that slow fills resulted in faster cycle times.

The Best Plastic Injection Molding Companies Like Laszeray Address Common Molding Problems

The iMFLUX injection molding process met face-to-face with the common challenges that surface in conventional processing. Conventional philosophies around plastic injection molding relied on fast-filling to profit from the polymers shear-thinning properties. However, the controlled filling velocity and melt pressure was highly variable throughout various sectors of the molded part. As a result, a different molding approach was created, and Procter & Gamble was able to excel and hit every manufacturing and growth goal.

Laszeray takes the same approach: our team of experts will work with your internal designers to examine the proposed plastic injection molding process and make any needed modifications to improve the speed and quality of your plastic parts. With Laszeray, you get access to specialized design teams, engineers, and the best tooling capabilities to ensure your entire process, from start to finish, is carried out at an expedited rate while pin-pointing challenges and making immediate improvements that result in a superior product, that reaches market before your competition can.


Understanding Plastic Injection Molding Costs

Procter & Gamble presents a clear case that shows how plastic injection molding can be a driving force in revolutionizing manufacturing processes and design improvements, but you are likely wondering what the injection molding costs look like. The investment will vary based on the complexity, size, materials used, and quantities needed. Even though there is a broad range of costs associated with plastic injection molding, the process is still one of the most cost effective production methods. Just make sure not to low-ball the cost, as you will likely be sacrificing on several components to making a product launch successful, such as the expertise of skilled specialists, as we see in the Procter & Gamble example–a team that completely changed the way parts were produced that lowered costs, sped up production, and resulted in higher quality products that captured the market. When looking for a local plastic injection molding company, be sure to speak with an expert team capable of deep diving into the depth of your product, present a full breakdown of costs, and outline any opportunities for improvements.

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Call our expert team at Laszeray today and once we have a deep understanding of your product needs and other specifications, we can analyze the data and propose a process with a quote. When you work with Laszeray you enter a genuine partnership built on innovation and collaboration between our team and yours.

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