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Customer Support: More than a Department

No one would deny that customer service is essential to the growth of a business. In fact, most businesses rely upon fully staffed customer service departments. The term department, however, implies that a defined group of employees have a separate and distinct focus on customer response.

Laszeray Technology addresses customer service differently. For us, customer service is a company-wide behavior, not a department. This is demonstrated by proactive behavior exercised by all employees in all departments. Our actions are defined and designed to deliver continuous improvement, measurable savings, competitive advantages and shared growth – all for our customer’s benefit. Customer support isn’t a slogan handed down from management – it’s how we expect everyone, regardless of title, to roll up their sleeves and act.

These responsibilities begin with communication, which generates action. How do we measure this? Through results.

Product Creation

We collaborate with our customers to play an integral role in the design phase of product development. Engineering resources are employed to assist with material selection identified to minimize cost, meet regulatory and market specifications, function reliably, and offer innovative design elements. As a result, new product launches are commercialized in an efficient manner, waste is minimized, designs are affordably produced, and the finished product is measured to the strictest quality tolerances. Our customers are the leaders within their markets and Laszeray stands proudly behind their success.

Product Delivery

Our product delivery processes are defined to proactively deliver savings directly to our customers. Operational resources use advanced technologies to manage and measure customer order patterns, stocking levels, and shipments versus forecast. With an in-depth understanding of demand requirements, inventory levels are optimized; production scheduling is flexible and nimble enough to accommodate unforeseen needs; Just-In-Time shipments are reliably delivered; and accurate Kanban programs are established. For a customer in the electrical and utility industries, Laszeray implemented a customized Kanban program enabling them to issue quarterly purchase orders. The result – reduced paperwork, less process interruption, lower freight costs, and the elimination of downtime.


Sales and Engineering resources contribute to the growth elements of customer support. As we develop an understanding of our customers’ needs, their markets, and the potential opportunities for innovation, we bring it to their attention with an implementation plan. These improvements can lead to the identification of new design features, automated manufacturing processes, and potentially, even untapped market outlets. Together, Laszeray and our customers are stakeholders in each other’s business.

Technical Support

Product support is a fluid and involved process owned by our Engineering and Administrative resources. The actions in this deliverable revolve around managing changes, addressing competitive threats, investing in advanced technologies, and offering personal and immediate attention as needs arise. In fact, Laszeray recently purchased and installed an automated vision system to ensure 100% conformance to tight-finished part specifications. This investment has enabled us to deliver parts on a zero-defect basis, eliminate waste, and reduce cycle times.

The Laszeray team understands that our success is dependent on our customers’ success. We employ every asset to drive our customers’ growth. We are proud of what we offer our stakeholders and we will continue to invest in the necessary resources to remain a leader in customer service.

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