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CNC Core Tooling Custom Machining Services: Bits, Dies, and Taps

CNC core tooling is using a variety of different types of tools to shape, form, and create a custom workpiece using custom machining services. CNC manufacturing is considered subtractive manufacturing.

The process involves placing a solid piece of material, such as a block of wood, metal, or plastic, inside the CNC machine. The machine is computer-programmed with the design of the workpiece that is desired. The program controls which tools are used in the manufacturing process to produce the workpiece.

During the manufacturing process, the machine automatically will switch tools as needed. Each tool gradually removes material to shape and form the desired output. Whether you are making complex gears or medical equipment, the CNC machine follows the computer program to create each workpiece.

Some CNC machines can perform very complex operations based on the number of axes the machine has—typically four or five. This allows the CNC machine to complete processes on multiple axes without having to rely on secondary processes or the use of specialized milling services.

Some CNC machines also have special accessories that allow them to be fully automated. The machine automatically loads the raw material, machines it, removes it, and continues for the desired number of workpieces.

As one might imagine, due to the computerized nature of CNC machines, each workpiece is identical, no matter how many you make. As such, the quality of the finished workpieces will also be identical.

Common Types of CNC Core Tooling

The types of CNC core tooling processes used to produce finished workpieces depends on types of CNC machines and other equipment utilized. Some machines can use a wide array of core tools while others can only perform specific functions or use a specific set of tools.

1. Bits

Bits are the key to CNC machining and custom machining services. The bits are responsible for removing raw material by carving it away. Bits can be of different shapes and sizes. Some bits are used for drilling and have the familiar circular drill bit design.

Others look like drill bits but are actually ball nose bits. Then there are bits that are called “V” bits. These have triangular heads that can feature a very sharp point on the end.

Another type of bit is called the spiral cutter. It, too, looks like a shortened drill bit. Depending on which bits you use, you can make spiral cuts, carve 3D shapes and designs, and do lettering and other detailed designs.

Aside from these bits, two other types that can be used are called a fly cutter bit and spoil board bit. This helps smooth the surface for a perfect finish.

2. Dies

Dies are a different type of machine where a liquid material is injected into a mold. Once cooled, and solid, it can be loaded into a CNC machine for specialized die-cutting processes. This helps create unique features not possible with injection molding, as well as improved tolerances. You could even use the CNC machine to mill the mold that will be used for the injection molding processes.

3. Taps


Taps are another type of CNC tool that can be used to create holes of various sizes and shapes. Some taps create smooth holes while others can be used to not only create the hole but also create a thread for a screw.

CNC machining offers the ability to create high-quality, identical workpieces. You can also combine other machining processes with CNC machining to create incredibly detailed and complex workpieces for just about any type of application.

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