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Big Picture Investment – Delivering Value Through Innovation

What if you could re-imagine your business? What if you could re-design your manufacturing facility from the ground up, creating a perfect organism designed for efficient manufacturing – including the proper brainpower, uniform machine platforms, organized workflow and precise blueprinting? It can be done. Eight years ago, Laszeray Technologies stepped back and realized that if it wanted to grow, it needed to harness the power of the big picture.

So the company started from blueprint stage, and figured out how it could do the best job for its customers – not just by building a facility, but by building a workflow. There were a lot of questions: What clients did it want? What services will make its customers succeed? What machines were required? How will its employees be organized for optimal workflow? How will the plant be kept pristine and safe without cords and debris? What equipment lines should be installed? Should it be all the same lines? What employee skill sets were required? It took some time, but it got there, and in 2008 Laszeray Technologies reopened its doors within the same industrial park in North Royalton, ready to take on the most advanced manufacturing challenges.

Housed in an immaculately clean production space, Laszeray currently operates one of the most sophisticated injection molding facilities in North America. With presses that range in size from 65 to 730 tons, alongside an expertise in processing performance materials, Laszeray Technology reliably delivers best-in-class products to its customers. Its manufacturing processes, certified to ISO 9001, are extremely efficient. Laszeray offers the flexibility to accommodate short-run quantities as well as continuous, high-volume quantities with the highest throughput levels possible.

The backbone of this capability is state-of-the-art equipment. Laszeray purchases only new processing lines. As a result, the company maintains the ability to service the machines in-house for optimal uptime.

“This approach provides customers with the assurance that our assets make use of the latest technologies, consume the least amount of energy, and operate with the highest levels of reliability. Many people say they are committed to investment, but we are actually spending the money,” said Ty Shirley, Chief Operating Officer.

The manufacturing lines at Laszeray Technology are engineered to process high value, precision parts using advanced materials. The company currently processes over 140 different polymers ranging from polyolefins, styrenics, nylon, acetal, and other select engineering polymers. Additional capabilities include two-shot molding, which accommodates both overmold and cost-effective manufacturing requirements.
Laszeray’s program of continuous investment is not limited exclusively to injection molding presses. It extends to the installation of peripheral equipment offering the most up-to-date, advanced efficiencies in part finishing, labeling, assembly, and handling. As an example, all of the presses are equipped with robotic end-of-arm tooling, eliminating redundant labor, and excessive handling.

Laszeray’s supplier relationships are as strong as those it shares with its customers. Consequently, the loyalty and service the company extends is matched by the loyalty and service it receives. These relationships extend to and from its in-house engineering resources, which supply the knowledge and expertise that drive innovation and responsiveness. These qualities are the hallmark of Laszeray’s success.

“All of our customers confide in me that our part quality, production turnaround, and order completeness stand apart from other suppliers,” said Jim George, Business Development Manager. “During customer meetings, I’m actually ‘thanked’ for the investments we’ve made, which I know in turn, deliver value. I’m grateful to be part of a team that sees the big picture and actively invests its internal resources.”

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