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Apprenticeship: An Investment in Employee Development

There are many channels for reinvestment within a business. Often it’s through new equipment, new facilities, or new technology. At Laszeray, we prioritize investment dollars in employee development. An example of this is our advocacy of and participation in a well-defined apprenticeship program. The investment in our employees provides both measurable and intangible benefits. Within our company, we are strengthening our culture through education, developing our future skills with existing talent, and minimizing the risk of turnover. Our customers recognize service and quality benefits associated with an exceptionally-trained, stable workforce. Our manufacturing equipment is state-of-the-art and our employees are best in class. Laszeray’s “Human Capital” brings new knowledge into the forefront of all of our processes and it’s done on a continuous basis.

A key element of our apprenticeship program is evident through our partnerships with local and national partners. This includes both educational institutions and private businesses such as Cuyahoga Community College’s Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering program and RJG Inc., a world-leader in injection molding technology and training. Their programs provide the most up-to-date education and hands on experience with the latest manufacturing technology tools and techniques so that our employees become challenge-ready problem solvers able to drive value within our business and assist customers with their most complex and ambitious projects.

Our relationship with recognized training sources has existed since our company was founded. Most recently, three employees have participated in, and benefited from the program. While their training was unique, their enthusiasm for the experience was not.

Scott Klem, Technical Resource Manager, has achieved Master Mold I and Master Mold II certification through RJG. In fact, he is currently now one of only 935 people worldwide who hold the prestigious Master Mold II certification. Scott’s training program included people from all over the world and helped him gain new perspectives on the challenges he faces. “It’s great to share ‘war stories’. By sharing our challenges, we learn how others have tackled and solved the same issues.”

Dylan League, Toolmaker Apprentice and Mold Tool & Die maker, worked with a group of 30 people from a range of local companies. For Dylan, the apprenticeship program was an opportunity to upgrade his tech skills. “My job is very hands on, the training, though, was very technical. Being able to combine these perspectives gave me a solid foundation for advancing my computer-oriented design and manufacturing skills.” Chris Hintz, JR. CNC Programmer, is about to enter the program. He appreciates the opportunity afforded to him, knowing that it will benefit himself as well as the company. “I’m really excited about learning more and advancing my skills, especially when I see how it’s benefited the others that I work next to.”

Scott and Dylan have benefited by acquiring knowledge and experience from a larger community of manufacturing professionals. Chris is next in line for the same benefits. Our apprenticeship program continues to drive excellence in the workplace while fostering a team spirit and a culture of mutual respect. Sharing knowledge and continually learning from each other becomes an investment in our most important asset, the employees of Laszeray.

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