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Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Molding

Advantages of Using Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is used to make a wide variety of parts and products. There are various other plastic molding methods, but the advantages of injection molding make it the preferred method over others. Here are many reasons why you might work with an injection molding design company to meet your production needs.


Production via plastic injection molding is extremely fast. One cycle might take as little as 15 seconds, but this all depends on the complexity and size of the plastic mold. This increases production output so more molds/parts can be produced in less time. In many cases, steps can be combined using overmolding, increasing efficiency even more.

Cost Reduction

Plastic injection molding reduces costs on many fronts. It does so by reducing the risk of problems during the molding process, thereby reducing the need for expensive rework. Also, expensive tooling changes aren’t required. Automating the manufacturing process saves costs as well; injection molding machines and robotics can often be controlled by a single operator.

Waste Reduction


Injection mold design is a highly resourceful process. If your organization is committed to sustainability, plastic injection molding can minimize waste. No excess plastic is used (only that which is needed to produce the part), and any excess can be ground up and recycled.

Complex Design

Complex geometries are possible due to the high pressure applied to the part. Therefore, a great deal of detail with various shapes can be affordably integrated.  If even more intricate details are needed, parts can be machined to achieve the specifications.  In addition, you can also use multiple types of plastic simultaneously, so long as compatible polymers are used.


During injection molding manufacturing, fillers can be added to the plastic to reduce its density, while increasing a part’s strength after molding. More durable products are therefore possible. Engineering grade plastic is available that can withstand most environments.

Material/Color Flexibility

Aside from using multiple types of plastic, various secondary finishes can be used without requiring additional manufacturing processes. Plastic parts can be engraved and customized with matte finishes and unique kinds of textures. You can choose from different resins too.

Color Control

A plastic part can be any color you need it to be, including clear. Multiple colors can even be integrated. Overmolding and two-shot processes enable manufacturers to produce such parts out of an injection molding machine.

Weight Reduction

Products manufactured for any industry can be made much lighter. Sometimes lightweight thermoplastics are used in place of metal parts. This is good for efficiency and performance, especially in automobiles, while lighter plastic is just as strong and dependable.

Smooth Finish

Often, little end finishing is required because molded plastic parts come out smooth. This also reduces the amount of labor required. Most of the surface texture needed is provided by the mold itself.

Trust Laszeray Technology for Your Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

Serving various industries, Laszeray Technology specializes in injection mold design and manufacturing. We can use our process to develop automotive and aviation industry products, consumer household goods, electronic housings, and much more. All design, build, repair, and maintenance tasks are handled in-house. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.



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