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Achieve Your Manufacturing Goals with Laszeray’s Diverse Plastic Injection Mold Capabilities

Are you in search of cutting-edge solutions for your plastic injection molding needs? Laszeray, offers a wide spectrum of mold capabilities that cater to your specific requirements. From injection molding presses with varying tonnages to advanced processes like multi-shot molding and overmolding, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the wide range of capabilities that make Laszeray the go-to choice for superior plastic injection molding.

  1. Injection Molding Presses – Precision at Your Fingertips

Our arsenal boasts a formidable lineup of injection molding presses, ranging from 65 to 1000 tons. This extensive range empowers us to handle projects of diverse complexities and sizes. Injection-molded plastic parts and products, when fashioned using our presses, are endowed with impeccable surface finishes, aligning seamlessly with your design vision. Curious to see the magic in action? Watch our informative video that walks you through the texture choices available for custom-molded plastic parts. Should you seek more in-depth knowledge, our dedicated design engineers are just a click away. With their expertise, you’ll not only navigate through the process effortlessly but also unearth a plethora of insights.

  1. Multi-Shot Molding – Unleash Creativity with Precision

Enter the realm of multi-shot molding, a process that embodies innovation and efficiency. The concept is simple yet revolutionary: inject different materials compatible with the initial material into the mold in consecutive cycles. This eliminates the need for multiple product runs, reducing labor and assembly requirements. The result? Enhanced aesthetics, ergonomic design, and heightened durability. With machines spanning 240, 730, and 1000 tons, we’re poised to deliver quality and versatility that exceed expectations.

  1. Mastering the Art of Insert Molding

Innovation meets complexity with insert molding. Our advanced equipment deftly molds plastic around non-plastic inserts, be it metal or other materials. The possibilities are boundless. This process not only yields intricate products but also offers flexibility across diverse markets. Leveraging partner technology, we craft meticulously designed plastic parts that align perfectly with your vision.

  1. Elevating Precision through Robotic Part Handling

automated plastic injection moldingWelcome to the era of robotic part handling, where precision meets automation. Robotic arms deftly transfer, feed, and remove parts or tools from machines, enhancing throughput, quality, and consistency. By relieving employees from hazardous tasks, we prioritize safety without compromising efficiency. Rapid transitions between products, handling diverse mixes, and adapting to varying throughput demands are just a few benefits of this technology.



  1. Automated/Robotic Part Trimming – Crafting Clean Edges, Every Time

clear plastic injection moldingExperience the finesse of automated/robotic part trimming, a process that achieves impeccable material separation. A high-speed automated routing spindle, guided by a robotic router head, ensures clean edges to a predetermined depth. This synergy yields flexibility, safety, and cost-effectiveness, enhancing the production process manifold.

  1. Overmolding – Unifying Excellence

Witness the art of overmolding, a technique that fuses multiple molded parts into a cohesive masterpiece. The initial layer sets the foundation, while subsequent plastic layers envelop it seamlessly. This technique facilitates customization, aligning precisely with mold design specs and the distinct needs of each project.

  1. Embracing Excellence: Plastic Injection Molding in Ohio

plastic injection mold companySituated in the heart of the United States, Laszeray stands as an industry beacon, serving a multitude of sectors with distinction. For those seeking plastic injection molding companies in Ohio, we stand out as the ideal choice. Our central location, proximate to major cities like Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati, positions us as a seasoned partner for Midwest manufacturers. Additionally, our strategic locale places us within 600 miles of half the populations in the U.S. and Canada, allowing us to efficiently serve a vast demographic.


Experience Excellence with Laszeray

In a world where precision, innovation, and reliability matter, Laszeray emerges as your quintessential partner. With a diverse range of capabilities tailored to your needs, we craft solutions that redefine excellence in plastic injection molding. Join us on this journey, and let’s mold the future together.

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