Subsidiary Company

Subsidiary Company

Laszeray Technology LLC is an integrated manufacturer of quality, custom injection molded components and highly engineered tooling. It is also the proud holding company of Integrant.

conferenceIntegrant, the maker of the atHand Overbed Table System, develops products that enhances its user’s life. Through great design, precision engineering, and relentless attention to quality, Integrant reimagines everyday products to better serve your needs.

Their team explores products where innovation can challenge the status quo. After extensive research and analysis, they apply their design principles to products that are often go overlooked, striving to make them more useful and more intuitive.

Whether it’s adding functions or integrating technology in new ways, Integrant’s design-forward solutions account for comfort, convenience, style, and usability. Their state-of-the-art American manufacturing includes a highly skilled staff with experience across a wide range of disciplines, giving them the flexibility to design, prototype, and manufacture quickly and efficiently. Integrant’s quality team thoroughly tests and optimizes each product, committed to longevity and durability. The result? Thoughtfully designed items that enhance your daily life.

Visit Integrant’s website to learn more about what they do, and the quality they provide.