Laszeray Technology

A Partner in Education

Laszeray Technology, LLC has been selected as one of this year’s industry partners for the Master of Engineering and Management (MEM) program at Case Western Reserve University (CRWU).

“Laszeray is extremely honored to have been selected as an industry partner for the Masters of Engineering and Management program offered by Case Western Reserve University”, said Nancy Smoot, Director of Marketing at Laszeray Technology. “Not only is it an excellent way for students to gain real-world business experience, but we benefit as well from their talents and fresh perspectives.”

Resulting in a joint degree from the Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management, the program runs a full 12 months with industry partnership happening during the Fall and Spring semesters. The CWRU MEM program was developed with input from industry leaders to meet their needs for technical talent with business expertise.

During the MEM program, students can participate in paid internships with local companies and gain the exposure and opportunity to learn from knowledgeable professionals. Through these internships, students gain hands-on professional experience, develop marketable skills, gain mentors, grow networks, as well as practice dialogue for career interviews.

Smoot and Ty Shirley, President and Chief Operating Officer, will be working with the interdisciplinary team of five students on both new and existing products including market research, competitive analysis, technical feasibility and commercialization plans. These students plan to augment Laszeray’s own work in these areas and hope to implement portions of their recommendations to fast track results.

Laszeray Technology, LLC is not only intrigued by this program because it blends technical talent with business acumen, but the company is eager to contribute to MEM’s strong track record of kick-starting technical leadership careers.

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