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8 Benefits of Using a Plastic Injection Molding Company for Product Development

Companies spanning a broad range of industries can attest to the numerous benefits that working with the best plastic injection molding company for parts manufacturing can bring to an organization. Investing in plastic injection molding is ideal for companies seeking an affordable production mode that offers consistency, a wide range of possibilities, and that can function in virtually any environment regardless of temperature, pressure, and moisture levels. These reasons in of themselves are enough to inspire product design teams to partner with a plastic injection molding company, but there are several other reasons why using plastic injection molding is advantageous for manufacturers. Here are eight popular benefits.

1. Plastic Injection Molding Offers Strength

Manufacturers are teaming with plastic injection molding companies because, over the years, plastic has increased in terms of durability and strength. Today, lightweight thermoplastics can stand up to the harshest condition and even outperform metal parts. When working with a plastic injection molding company you can choose from more than 25,000 materials for injection molding applications, and based on the use of the plastic part, engineers can create high performance hybrids and blends to meet specific needs in terms of strength.

2. Plastic Injection Molding is Highly Efficient

When partnering with a plastic injection molding company, organizations gain a benefit in terms of efficiency. Plastic injection molding companies like Laszeray have decades of experience in determining the right approach to optimizing the manufacturing process and part design. By implementing best practices such as anticipating potential upcoming problems and having solutions on standby while attaching services that add further value to the production process, cost and time can be easily streamlined thus enabling greater efficiency from start to finish.

3. Plastic Injection Molding Comes with Expert Product Design Analysis

Plastic injection molding is complex, precise, and includes several variables. Because there are so many line layers at hand, a top plastic injection molding company will come with a full design and engineering team. This is beneficial because once the plastic injection molding approach and materials has been determined, a more experienced team can perform a projection analysis to see how the part will likely perform and can recommend modifications along the manufacturing process to improve the product’s overall functionality and user experience.

4. Teaming Up with a Plastic Injection Molding Company Will Save You Money

There are plenty of ways in which companies can enjoy lower costs from the consolidation of plastic parts to over molding. The main way to reduce costs is perfect collaboration between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and injection molding engineers. The number of problems that can be encountered with molding is reduced when focus is directed to design for manufacturability and other complex processes that take place during the design phase. This can cut back on downtime, tooling changes, and production delays–all things that make a project very expensive.

5. Complex Geometry is Easier with a Plastic Injection Molding Company

Plastic injection molding companies can help manufacturing teams create extremely complex, intricate plastic parts, in a large volume, with zero deviation thanks to the right scientific molding approach and the correct tool design. Plastic injection molding is a scientific process that relies on in depth data collection performed by plastic injection molding engineers that are trained to use the right science to create comprehensive geometric parts. Settings, steps, and specifications are used by experts to garner a controlled manufacturing process that can be repeated, while making a large volume of parts using detailed geometric considerations without any mistakes.

6. Simultaneous Use of Multiple Plastics

When brands producing parts use a plastic injection molding company, they can fulfill a very common need: the need for a complex part to be made using multiple materials. Combining plastics in a safe manner can be very complicated. Brands that outsource for product design services using plastic injection molding benefit from an expert approach to help enable the mitigation of defects, safeguard warranty claims, and reduce injury risks.


7. Plastic Injection Molding Gives Consistency and High Output Production

For brands to see consistent high output production, comprehensive plastic parts must have flawless designs with high tolerance levels. Injection molding companies offer a service that achieves these requirements by repeatedly using the same molds for each part, buttressed by the continuous improvement practices that a plastic injection molding company like Laszeray utilizes in modern, cutting-edge technologies.

8. Plastic Injection Molding Guarantees Perfect Color Control

Original engineering manufacturers rely on having color consistency in their products, and whether the part is translucent, clear, or any solid color, a plastic injection molding company can make color control consistently perfect by aligning additives, plastics, and ensure biocompatibility to encapsulate desired coloration. When a variety of colors are required in a single product, over molding is the best solution, and only an experienced plastic injection molding company like Laszeray that has the experience in omni-material injection molding abilities can ensure this at the highest level.

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