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5 Reasons Why Channel Partners and Manufacturers Make a Great Dance Combo

All good manufacturers must develop high quality products in order to stay viable. However, the keenest producers retain the ability to recognize the true market experts are the channel partners—distributors, sales representatives, vendors, consultants, retailers and beyond. The key to longevity, for both manufacturer and channel partners, is acknowledging each other’s strengths and choreographing an effective plan of action. It’s like choosing a dance partner.

The dynamic between a manufacturer and channel partner serves as the foundation for growth and profitability for each business. So identifying the company best suited to help meet the needs of the end customer is paramount.

Channel partners offer unique perspectives and insight in order to identify product needs. While manufacturers have the expertise and capabilities to create products, they rely on the channel partner to provide much needed knowledge. The strength of a channel partner lies in its thorough understanding of the wants and needs of each client, its existing marketing network, and direct access to target customers. A strong manufacturing partner offers a talented team of engineers, a wide array of manufacturing capabilities and the resources to expand and change according to client needs. Working together to identify goals is critical, and trusting the manufacturer’s ability to understand is vital in order to reach those goals.

“Laszeray’s in-house experts are always looking at methods to increase efficiency and fine-tune designs and products, which result in increased profitability and satisfied partners,” said Greg Clark, Chief Executive Officer. “Our product engineers are committed to listening to our partners because we understand the importance of the market knowledge that channel partners bring to the table.”

Here are the top reasons why channel partners and manufacturers make a winning team:

1. Channel partners are the premier knowledge sources within the markets they serve.

2. Channel partners can identify holes in their customers’ current product offerings, or make recommendations regarding existing products that could be improved to better suit their needs.

3. Channel partners can take advantage of manufacturers’ innovative ideas and experience in designing, producing and launching a product.

4. Working alongside a trusted manufacturer, channel partners gain the opportunity to take an entrepreneurial/inventive role in meeting a customer’s needs, distancing themselves from mirror-image distributors, all offering the same line of products.

5. The channel partner/manufacturer partnership opens the door for the opportunity to create unique customer solutions rather than simply touting machines, capabilities and a line of products.

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