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4 Tips for Getting the Best Prototyping Services

Companies that span a wide range of industries rely on the best prototyping services in America to create those critical early sample models required to test processes, design, electronics, software programing, and much more. When companies can work with the best prototyping services provider, their ability to evaluate new designs and enhance precision significantly improves. And while there are several obvious tips for manufacturers to follow when searching for the best prototyping services, here are some critical ones that aren’t as prominently features that your team should be aware of when searching for the best prototyping services.

1. Work With Your Prototyping Company to Identify the Moments that Matter the Most

Every prototype job has a journey and tells a narrative. You will want to make sure the prototyping company you partner with can help you define the most important inflection points of that journey. Knowing this will help you improve the overall design by complementing those components that enable a product to help the buyer live their adventure / journey / story with goods that provide solutions to specific problems, and this is what good design is all about.

So how does one begin by identifying the moments that really matter?

  • Really get to know what’s important to the customers that will be using the product, or the participating service that the product enables.
  • Form a focus group that enables you and the design team to delve into the target customer’s lives so that you can understand what excites them. And what annoys them.
  • Try to understand the various segments and personas that are being prioritized from an organizational angle. What exactly is possible given your capabilities?
  • Once you determine what seems right, and what seems possible, create a list of “aspirational-but-not-possible” options to put on the sidelines for another time.


When your prototyping company embraces these points, you will know that you are working with a team that goes above and beyond the standard.

2. Look for Prototyping Services Run by Individual Creatives

The best prototyping services come from companies that staff engineer and design teams of people who are recognized for their creative insights. Find a prototyping company that relies on the insights and instincts of those who live the moment daily. You can engage stakeholders as designers and ask probing questions pertaining to how things will unfold.

3. Use Constraints to Broaden Those Horizons

Some prototyping companies have biases towards certain channels. When prototyping services are based on the idea of pushing beyond the standard mediums used, opportunities come up to make design improvements. Make sure team members think about the various interactions at their disposal. For example, how would things be if delivering an experience was only through screens, signs, or people? What is the space that’s involved, and how does the product move the target consumer audience through an experience?

Rapid Prototyping as a Service Should Be Central

All the best prototyping companies will offer rapid prototyping. The definition of rapid prototyping is a speedy process in which a piece is fabricated using 3D computer aided design at a fast pace. Computer aided design (CAD) is used, typically, when a model is being created. At specific stages of the assembly, additive manufacturing is used to speed up the process and parts number capabilities.

When companies can produce prototypes at a faster pace as opposed to using traditional processes, the accelerated design project embraces additional steps, while ensuring quality control is held in the highest regard, as several value points are brought to the table. The best prototyping services, dine in the rapid method, improves these points central to the project:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Viz
  • Complexity
  • Quantity
  • Purpose

Using rapid prototyping for the right project, by the best prototyping company, can help companies bring a better product to market, while saving organizations a great degree of time and money.

Call Laszeray for the Best Prototyping Services

Laszeray has been offering the best prototyping services to companies spanning a wide range of industries for several decades. From rapid prototyping services, to handling complex designs with forward-thinking teams of design experts trained to resolve problems, we take on projects of all sizes, and are standing by to show you how we can take your product to the next level.

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