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3 Top Prototyping Services Manufacturers Are Investing In

Prototyping services offer companies the fastest way to bring a preliminary version of their product to being. Manufacturers will invest in the best prototyping services to have a model of a design created to help make improvements and get the product ready for the market. These improvements can range from how to cut costs in the manufacturing process, to improving the user experience.

1. CNC Machining is a Top Option for Prototyping Services

Also referred to as CNC milling technology, CNC machining stands for Computerized Numerical Control and is a computerized manufacturing process where code and pre-programmed computer software dictates how production equipment moves. CNC machining stands out amongst prototyping services as an advantageous option for controlling complex machinery. For example, lathes, grinders, and turning mills are used to shape and cut various parts for prototypes, and when manufacturers invest in this prototyping service, they experience greater control with total accuracy. In addition, CNC machining combines the accouterments of mathematics, mechanical design, computer programing skills, and technical drawings to create a wide range of metal and plastic parts, such as a piece for an airplane, or for a hospital ventilator.

When CNC machining is selected from a group of prototyping services, machines are automated to perform various functions via a sequence of controlled commands that are fed into a computer by a worker. These machines are at the forefront of modern manufacturing and have replaced the “old school” approach where teams of people used levers or hand wheels in combination with an eye for timing, to execute actions that made prototypes. Laszeray uses modern CNC machines for rapid prototyping services that use G-code; communicated language that ensures precise production measurements that include speed, coordination, feed rate and location. Gone are the days of antiquated and dangerous machines; CNC machines are a safe and seamless way to create prototypes, as the part’s mechanical dimensions are created using computer-aided design (CAD) software before being translated into directives for manufacturing by computer-aided manufacturing software.

Having knowledgeable CNC machinists is critical to keeping costs down, and to ensure product superiority, and to even enable brands to get their product to market on time.

2. 3D Printing for Prototyping Services


When it comes to prototyping services, 3D printing is a very popular option. This process also utilizes CAD data along with a 3D printer to create functional prototypes. Manufacturers can create prototypes using 3D printing via a 3D model that has been designed by an engineering team. Materials can include plastics, metals, and even complex materials and can be made very rapidly at a low cost. 3D technology also enables prototyping companies like Laszeray to produce complex parts with controllable functional and physical properties at every step while ensuring the right quality, speed, and strength through every point of the manufacturing process. 3D printing is used from the aerospace industry to electronics and offers speedy affordability to a wide range of other industries thus ranking it towards the top of being one of the best manufacturing processes for rapid prototyping.

3. Additive Layer Manufacturing for Prototyping

Additive layer manufacturing (ALM), also known as additive manufacturing (AM) is a fabrication process residing on the cusp of modern production that has the flexibility to use a wide range of materials to create parts ranging from air speed sensors on airplanes to medical implants. In this process three dimensional components are constructed with two-dimensional layers and can be made as small as 0.05 mm in thickness which offers design teams a great degree of flexibility and options for producing a wide range of parts at a low cost and while enabling companies to earn a green bade by embracing a manufacturing process known for reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Indeed, additive manufacturing is sometimes called 3D printing, but offers brands slightly more opportunities for product development.

Machine Tooling and Rapid Prototyping

Most manufacturers have, at some point, invested in machine tooling services while manufacturing parts. This is a process in which materials like metal are shaped, cut, sheared, grinded or bored and unwanted materials are removed. Laszeray offers a custom approach to machine tooling that incorporates a wide range of factors that include, part quality, complexity of function, and several other fine points that organizations may hold. The typical categories one comes across in machine tooling for rapid prototyping includes the cutting equipment, fixtures, jigs, molds, gauges, dies, and patterns. When brands want to have precise control over the lifecycle of a product (for example, part replacement may be a strategic way to boost revenue or encourage ongoing upgrades), many will invest in machine tooling to get the desired manufacturing outcome. In addition, ensuring that the right tooling is being used will help to ensure that the user experience is perfect, as the part will be created to perform without flaw.

Contact Laszeray for Rapid Prototyping Services and Learn About Our Various Processes

Laszeray has a rich history in working side-by-side internal engineering and design teams from a plethora of industries; our engineering capabilities make us an ideal partner for agile organizations that are looking for speed, efficiency, and consistency when it comes to prototyping a broad range of parts. Call today, send us your model and prints, and let our rapid prototyping experts show you how our team can help you get your product to market faster, while saving you a great degree of money and manpower.

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