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3 Things to Consider When Looking for Prototyping Services

As the lead engineer, when a new product is ready to go into production, you have already assembled the team to get the designs all in order. Now you are tasked to move the product from the design phase and into production so that your organization can get the product to market while getting a jump start on the competition. You are likely concerned about deadlines, as the release date is something that can’t be missed.

Before you can fully commit production resources, you will first have to have your design reviewed and validated through the best prototyping services that initiate a process that will enable you to determine which manufacturing methods and techniques are best suited for your project, and that will resolve any challenges that may materialize with the design. This will require you to partner with the best prototyping company, and this will require you to consider a number of factors in order to determine the best prototyping services, from the best prototyping company. Here are three things to look for when choosing the best prototyping services for your project developmental needs.

Choosing the Best Prototyping Services from the Best Company

Before you delve into the fine points that make up the best prototyping services from the best companies, you will want to create a short list of the best prototyping companies that understand your specific needs, will manage your data, protect your intellectual property, help you direct the prototyping process and that (if needed) will help you launch production with low-volume bridge manufacturing. They will also be able to aid in suggesting product improvement while slashing your costs. What this really means is you will want to find the best prototyping company that is a true full-service operation under a single roof that will help you solve challenges rather than create obstacles during the prototyping process, which can be chaotic if you and your prototyping company aren’t completely aligned.

1. Prototyping Capabilities Must be End-to-End

When looking for the best prototyping services from a top company, all their processes should be completed under the same roof, especially when there are projects involving assemblies or complicated prototypes requiring various manufacturing methods like plastic injection molding or CNC machining. This is ideal because the last thing you want to deal with is prolonged weeks of working with a prototyping provider that outsources every single prototype part from various locations where they are assembled before shipping. This type of process is a colossal waste of time, and money. Also, as a lead engineer on the project, you don’t want to be held responsible for coordinating orders between various prototyping companies for you to assemble parts yourself. Having unnecessary processes in your day-to-day routine at work will only slow and complicate things internally. When you have product assembly handled by a single prototyping company you avoid these unnecessary dilemmas by fostering agile changes and utilizing project management teams that coordinate every single element of the prototyping process, from one end to the other.

It is also critical to invest in prototyping services from a single company that performs all the prototyping services you require under one roof because it tightens up your IP security. The more sets of eyes that review your designs, the higher the chance is that someone might commit IP theft. When you work with a single prototyping company like Laszeray, the number of people who view your designs is significantly reduced making it less likely that critical files will fall into the laps of your competition.


2. Invest in Prototyping Services Offered by Companies Familiar with Your Industry

Having a prototyping company with an advanced knowledge of everything that is taking place in your industry will enable better production. Make sure the company performing your prototyping services understands the limitations and benefits of all materials used for your applications, have in depth knowledge of the machines used to produce the final product, and it is critical they speak the necessary industry-specific language to limit any confusion or miscommunication. If you can partner with a prototyping company that practices the above, you will be teamed with a provider that can walk you through the entire prototyping process while down-streaming as you deal with vendors during the manufacturing process.

3. Your Prototyping Services Should Consist of the Latest Technology

This rapidly evolving industry sees technology changes on a regular basis that are rolled out to ensure things stay current. Technology advancements enable greater designs in terms of complexity and the elevated workability of materials. Ask your prototyping company if they actively search for the news technology to engineer a higher-quality degree of prototypes, even if your current design doesn’t require complex accoutrements. Also, prototyping companies that source and use newly changed state-of-the-art technology will have the mindset to enhance your product development, as well as the product itself.

Laszeray is the Best Prototyping Services Provider, Call to Learn Why

In addition to fulfilling the three points mentioned in this article, Laszeray is also known as the best prototyping company for low-volume production versatility and our rapid change management process. When you work with Laszeray, you partner with a prototyping company that has it all, and does it all, at the highest quality level. Laszeray is very cognizant of your competitors, and we streamline the prototyping process so you can beat your competition to market. Call today and discover the value by working with Laszeray, a prototyping company that excels at all the listed criteria above, and that enables product superiority.

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