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3 of the Top Plastic Injection Molding Applications Laszeray Specializes In

If you are the newest addition to your organization’s leadership team, and you are partially responsible for ensuring that your company is going to work with the best plastic injection molding company specializing in multiple applications, then you will want to know how to identify the best providers, and one way to do this is to ensure they specialize in these five applications: (1) Food and Beverage, (2) Medical, and (3) Automotive. Laszeray also specializes in using plastic injection molding for the electronics and consumer products industries, but this article will focus on the top three.

What does the Plastic Injection Molding Process Involve?

When teams set out to perform plastic injection molding for parts creation, they start by melting plastic pellets and injecting the molten resin into a mold using extremely high pressure. Then they cool down the mold before it is opened to expose the desired shape. This process can be carried out once as part of a one-off, or several times based on the high-volume order number.

Plastic injection molding is a valuable manufacturing process because it can create a broad range of plastic parts with complex features required to make the product effective, and intricate geometrics.

1. Plastic Injection Molding in the Food and Beverage Space

Plastic injection molding practices in the food and beverage industry coincide with some strict regulations that must be honored through every step of the manufacturing process. This application is heavily regulated to ensure that all components and parts comply with safety standards. Therefore, Laszeray uses food-grade plastics for part design and their construction, and this extends into plastic injection molding where strict quality control is always enforced. Since plastic injection molding is capable of orchestrating identical parts that are complex in nature with lower room for error, the option is very popular as a better alternative to metal while staying in the green with food and beverage safety regulations.

Some of the regulatory institutions and requirements that Laszeray keeps on the frontlines of plastic injection molding for the food and beverage industry includes:

  • Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Compliance
  • BPA-free construction
  • FMA safe regulations
  • FDA certification
  • GMA safe
  • Non-toxic guidelines
  • ISO 9001:2015

Laszeray ensures compliance with all applicable regulations and compliance standards. All food-grade plastic parts are manufactured with HACCP compliance front and center with focus on controlling, pinpointing, and eradicating all microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards. This reduces the risk of food-borne disease and enhances consumer confidence in safety while giving shoppers value as the products stand out from competitor items.

Plastic Injection Molding for the Medical Industry

Advancements in plastic injection molding have enabled a wide range of uses for plastics in manufacturing operations within the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Usually, plastic injection molding is used to create prototypes and full-production units of medical devices and various components required by medical equipment to function safely and efficiently. Laszeray is on the cutting edge of developing component designs using newer plastics designed to lower infectious disease rates, lower medical costs, and improve pain management.

The advantage of using plastic injection molding for creating components in the medical industry include:

Ability to be compliant with industry regulations and standards – plastic injection molding can use engineering-grade plastics to create components that improve patient safety while adhering to FDA guidelines.

Less finishing work – Plastics used in plastic injection molding require less finishing work than metal alternatives making the production faster and less expensive.

Sanitary – Plastics resist contamination and maintain a surface that’s easy to clean.

Full traceability – At Laszeray full traceability capabilities provide our customers in the medical industry with the guarantee that we are carefully monitoring every manufacturing step.

Going green – Plastic injection molding will generate some material waste, but at Laszeray we have a proven system in place that recycles excess plastics to increase sustainability and lower our carbon footprint.

Strength – Plastic parts from injection molds are made from engineering-grade plastics designed to withstand high heat, have tensile strength, and superior tolerances that are comparable to many metals.

High-volume repeatability – When it comes to manufacturing medical devices, even a millimeter off can cause a part to fail. Medical plastic injection molding by Laszeray can produce highly accurate parts in multi-sized batches.

Color flexibility – Laszeray can use uncolored new materials and customize each part with a precise color that stays consistent, to meet the needs of our clients.

Affordability and budget – Injection molding is a popular option in the medical industry because it is highly cost-effective, especially when high volumes are ordered. Laszeray’s plastic injection molding process incorporates energy-friendly equipment and automation technology to reduce costs–savings that are passed down to our customers in the medical industry and in other sectors.

Plastic Injection Molding for the Automotive Industry


Years ago, auto parts were exclusively made from metal which made vehicles clunky and heavy. But thanks to advancements in plastic injection molding, cars can utilize high-grade plastics with superior finishes. The mold design is critical when it comes to manufacturing parts for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Designing molds is very complex and challenging, so auto brands look to plastic injection molding companies like Laseray that specialize in creating precise parts that are accurate, reliable and that have a high-quality finish to delight their buyers. Many of the benefits found in the medical field also apply to the automotive world, as plastic injection molding for automobiles is more cost effective, enables repeatability, offers endless color options, has superior finishes, and has a wide range of available materials. Laszeray has a massive portfolio of work demonstrating superior plastic injected molded parts for under the food, on the exterior surface of cars, and in the automobile’s interior space.

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